KA1 – Adult Education

KA1 Mobility projects in the field of adult education refer to mobility of educators in the field of adult education, as well as the staff responsible for the strategic development of the institution, in order to gain learning experience and/or teaching in a different country.

Institutions in the field of adult education are submitting for KA1 Mobility projects to the Foundation Tempus. The Foundation Tempus has open the National Call for submission of Erasmus+ projects in 2017. Applications deadline for the KA1 Mobility projects is February 2nd 2017.

More information on mobility projects u oblasti obrazovanja odraslih can be found in Erasmus+ programme guide.

For additional information please contact Group for schools, pre-schools and adult education at Foundation Tempus:


Foundation Tempus

Group for schools, pre-schools and adult education

Ruze Jovanovic 27/a, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia

Tel/fax: +381 11 3342 430 +381 11 3342 432




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Last modified: February 22, 2017