Foundation Tempus

The existence and work of the Foundation Tempus have been associated with the Republic of Serbia’s participation in the EU programmes for cooperation in the field of education since the year 2000 onwards. The Foundation Tempus was established in October 2002 as an organisation that provided a framework for the activities of the National Tempus Office, a national focal point for the EU modernisation programmes in the area of higher education.

Several years later, in 2007, the Foundation started to promote the Erasmus Mundus programme, i.e. its joint study programmes and scholarships for students, teachers and other staff in higher education institutions. In 2011, the Lifelong Learning Programme was added to the Foundation’s portfolio, which provided cooperation opportunities at pre-university levels of education.
Over the time, the Foundation has cooperated with an increasing number of institutions, including universities and colleges of applied studies, primary and secondary schools and organisations, state institutions, enterprises and organisations of civil society active in the field of education.

When in late 2013 allof the three then existing programmes gave way to a new EU programme entitled Erasmus+, the Foundation Tempus was appointed as the office in charge of promoting and monitoring the implementation of this programme for projects in the area of education.

Having started the preparatory measures for full participation of Serbia in this programme in July 2016, the Foundation Tempus has become responsible for the implementation of the youth component of this programme as well.

Since 2015, in addition to the overall activities related to the Erasmus+ programme, the Foundation has been in charge of the implementation of CEEPUS – the Central European Exchange Programme for University Studies.

The Foundation primarily collaborates with educational and youth institutions, and provides support to all organizations about project applications. In addition, the Foundation provides support to individuals through a number of activities.

For individuals who are interested in various types of mobility within the Erasmus + and CEEPUS programmes, the Foundation provides a support program which includes info-days and presentations at higher education institutions, open-door programmes, electronic access to information through live chat platforms, e-mails and webinars, as well as phone information. There is an available network for alumni that mediates in establishing contacts between potential employers, students and graduates.

The Euroguidance centre provides support to experts in the field of career guidance and counseling through the publication of information materials on innovative methods, examples of good practices and educational systems in Europe, along with a number of accredited and non-accredited seminars and webinars.

For individuals interested in options regarding the continuation of their education and for foreigners wishing to study in Serbia, the Foundation Tempus provides support through the portals and

Last modified: January 31, 2017