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The management is responsible for the overall organization of work of the Foundation Tempus. The management consists of the Team for development and quality, and the Team for communication and coordination.


Marija F O frame

Marija Filipović Ožegović



Sofija D frame

Sofija Dukić

Deputy Director

Development Unit

Milena frame

Milena Jovanović

Assistant Director

Communication and Coordination Unit

Development and Quality Unit

The Development and quality unit is in charge of the quality assurance and the development of the organization as well as all the matters connected to Eurydice network and HERE team.


Žana frame

Žana Bogunović

Junior Education Policy Officer


Tamara frame

Tamata Đorđević

Development and Quality Officer


Miša frame

Milovan Minić

IT Officer/Database
and Web Developer


Bane frame

Branimir Simić

IT Officer


Communication and Coordination Unit

The Communication and coordination unit deals with public relations and the coordination of everyday activities of the Foundation Tempus.



Vlada frame

Vladimir Jovanović

PR Officer

Mašić frame

Sofija Mašić

Junior PR Officer

Marija G frame

Marija Gašparović

Administrative Officer

Higher Education Unit

The Higher education unit provides support to the institutions and organizations with the preparation and the implementation of projects within Tempus and Erazmus+ program in the area of higher education.


Nemanja frame

Nemanja Dragićević


Ivana Ž frame

Ivana Živadinović

Project Officer

Nina frame

Nina Obradović

Project Officer

Darko frame

Darko Milogorić

Junior Project Officer

School and Adult Education Unit

The School, Pre-school and Adult education unit is providing support to the institutions in preparing and implementing Erazmus+ projects. In addition, this unit is in charge of the activities within the eTwinning and EPALE network in Serbia.


Vedrana frame

Vedrana Gašić


Jelena D frame

Jelena Dragaš

Project Officer

Nataša frame

Nataša Jerković Đukanović

Junior Project Officer

Ivana B frame

Ivana Banković

Junior Project Officer

Jelena K frame

Jelena Kajganović

Junior Project Officer

Zorana frame

Zorana Dojić

Junior Project Officer

Youth Unit

The Youth unit provides support to the organizations, institutions and other participants who are applying for or implementing projects within the Erazmus+ program in the field of youth.


Srki frame

Srđan Mitrović


Iva frame

Iva Tašić

Junior Project Officer

Career Guidance and Mobility Unit

The Career Guidance and Mobility unit is responsible for the work of the Euroguidance center in Serbia and  the implementation of CEEPUS program. It also provides support to individuals regarding the mobility opportunities within the Erasmus+ program.


Marko frame

Marko Banković



Ivana V frame

Ivana Vulić

Junior Career Guidance Officer

Ruža frame

Ružica Madžarević

Junior Career Guidance Officer

Sofija P frame

Sofija Petrović

Junoir Information and
Mobility Officer


Miloš P frame

Miloš Petrović

Administrative Programme Officer

National CEEPUS office

Bogunović frame

Goran Bogunović

Information Officer


Legal and General Affairs Unit

The Legal and General Affairs Unit is responsible for the organization of events, validation of PIC number for the organizations participating in Erasmus+ program, as well as all the other legal and general affairs tasks within the Foundation.



Irena Žuvela


Sanja K frame

Sanja Kamberović

Junior Legal Officer

Sanja Lj frame

Sanja Ljubojević

Administrative Officer

Saša frame

Saša Stojanović

Technical Assistant

Pavle frame

Pavle Zogović

Technical Assistant

Olja frame

Olivera Zogović

Administrative Officer

Goca frame

Gordana Stevanović

Support Staff


Financial Unit

The Financial Unit is responsible for all the aspects of the Foundation’s work related to finances.


Maya frame

Maja Jaćimović

Financial Officer

Bojan frame

Бојан Латиновић

Administrative Financial Officer

Jelena M frame

Јелена Митровић

Financial Assistant

Ana Cica frame

Ана Чича

Financial Assistant