Registration and validation

By clicking on the field Register on the homepage of the portal, a table opens in which a teacher writes his/her personal details. Once the pre-registration is completed, an email is received from the eTwinning team that contains a link. By clicking on this link, a registered eTwinner is redirected to the full registration form where he or she can complete their registration by defining a name and a password.

Validation and registration procedure

After the completion of registration on the eTwinning portal, in order to ensure the safety of all users of the portal, it is necessary that a school or preschool employee sends a scanned certificate of employment/engagement in a school/preschool institution within three days of registration to the e-mail address of the National Support Service in Serbia: It is also required that the certificate has a signature and a seal of the Director of the school / preschool institution and that it is in one of two specific forms that can be downloaded below:

Certificate of active employment in an educational institution

Certificate of active engagement in an educational institution

If the person registered on the portal does not send a certificate which shows that he or she is an employee in the school or preschool institution, his / her eTwinning account cannot be validated until the certificate is received. If the employee of the school / preschool institution cannot send a certificate within the specified period of time, it is necessary to contact the National Support Service within three working days of registration on the portal eTwinning.