Eligibility criteria for K101 mobility for schools project applications 2018.

The Foundation Tempus provides information on the type of institutions eligible for participation in Erasmus+ КА1 – 101 mobility projects in the field of school education, starting from the 2018 Call for projects.

All public and private, primary and secondary schools in Serbia, national minority and other schools, regardless of their founder, provided that they have a license issued by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development and provide general education in compliance with the Law on the Education System Foundations and the Law on Secondary Education.

In particular, this refers to the types of schools as follows:

  • Pre-school education institutions (for mobility of pre-school teachers and other persons working with children aged 3 or above);
  • Primary schools;
  • Primary music schools;
  • Primary balet schools;
  • Primary schools for children with mental disability;
  • Grammar schools;
  • Vocational education and training schools;
  • Secondary art schools;
  • Combined schools (grammar and secondary vocational or art schools;
  • Secondary schools for children with mental disability;
  • Secondary schools for children with mental and physical disabilities;
  • Educational centers (institutions providing primary education, primary and pre-school education, or primary an secondary education is provided).