КА1 – Large-scale European Voluntary Service Events

Unlike the regular EVS projects, Large-scale EVS Events must involve at least 30 volunteers, aged 17-30. Duration of activity can be from 14 days to 2 months (excluding travel time). A large-scale EVS project must take place in the Programme Country where the European/international event in the field of youth, culture or sport is held. Eligible participants are from a Programme Country (except the country where the project is taking place) or from a Partner Country neighbouring the EU. A volunteer can only take part in one large-scale EVS project during the lifetime of the Erasmus+ Programme.

Furthermore, projects of this type may include the organisation of complementary/side-activities – such as conferences, seminars, meetings and workshops – aimed at promoting the value of volunteering (and notably of the European Voluntary Service) during the event.

 A more detailed explanation concerning Large-scale EVS Events can be found in the Programme Guide, p. 86-92.

Last modified: March 5, 2015