КА2 – Sector skills alliances

Sector Skills Alliances shall aim at tackling skills gaps, enhancing the responsiveness of initial and continuing VET systems to sector-specific labour market needs and demand for new skills with regard to one or more occupational profiles.

Projects can achieve these aims by applying to one or several of the following Lots (an organisation can be involved as applicant in several proposals and Lots as long as the proposals address different sectors):

Lot 1: Sector Skills Alliances for the development of sectoral approaches through transnational “Platforms of vocational excellence”. This Lot supports the development of pilot projects, based on innovative cooperation methods, as a first step towards the establishment of “Platforms of vocational excellence”. It will support the development of sectoral approaches for design and delivery of VET content combined with a strategic approach to skills development at local/regional level and in line with local/regional growth and innovation strategies.

Lot 2: Sector Skills Alliances for design and delivery of VET will work to design and deliver common training content for vocational programmes for one or several related profession/s in a sector, as well as teaching and training methodologies. A particular focus is to be put on work-based learning, providing learners with the skills required by the labour market.

Lot 3: Sector Skills Alliances for implementing a new strategic approach (Blueprint) to sectoral cooperation on skills.

Public or private organisations from either Programme or Partner countries can participate in these projects. Those organisations include: social partners, Ministries, research institute, sector skills councils, bodies providing career guidance, professional counselling and information services, public or private VET providers, public or private, small, medium or large enterprises etc.

Application for the project that can last two, three or four years is submitted by an institution from a programme country on behalf of the consortium, to the Executive Agency in Brussels (EACEA). The Consortium varies depending on the type of project being applied (Lot 1, Lot 2 or Lot 3). Depending on the type of project, partners from at least 4, 8 or 12 Programme countries must be included. Any participating organization established in a Programme country can be the applicant. This organisation applies on behalf of all participating organisations involved in the project.

More details about Sector Skills Alliances can be found on the EACEA webpage.


Last modified: December 14, 2018