KA2 School exchange partnerships

The main goal of School Exchange Partnerships is to strengthen the European dimension in the participating schools, to build up their capacity for cross-border cooperation and their ability to cope with new challenges. By organising mobility activities for pupils, these partnerships will also promote the common values of freedom, inclusion, tolerance and non-discrimination as underlined in the Paris Declaration.

School Exchange Partnerships can implement different activities for exchange of staff and pupils:

  • Short-term exchanges of groups of pupils (3 days to 2 months);
  • Long-term study mobility of pupils (2 to 12 months);
  • Short-term joint staff training events (3 days to 2 months);
  • Long-term teaching or training assignments (2 to 12 months).

Compared to other Strategic Partnerships, the following specific rules apply to this format:

  • Partnerships must involve a minimum of two and a maximum of six schools;
  • Only schools from Programme Countries can participate;
  • As a general rule, projects will last between 12 and 24 months. Only projects organising long-term mobility of pupils may last up to 36 months, if justified by their workplan;
  • Funds are provided for mobility activities of staff and pupils (including accompanying teachers or other qualified persons), as well as general project management and implementation costs. Dedicated funding is not provided for Intellectual Outputs, Multiplier Events and Transnational Project Meetings.

Priorities and criteria that apply to KA2 Strategic Partnerships, apply to School Exchange Partnerships as well and they can be found here.

Last modified: November 29, 2019