eTwinning projects are virtual projects in eTwinning portal which cover different teaching topics through cooperation and use of ICT. eTwinning projects can be adapted to different ages, topics and students’ needs. eTwinning projects enable development of competencies such as cros-curricular, language and digital competences, as well as team and research work of students. Duration of an eTwinning project, the number of participants, as well as the number of projects a teacher can participate in is not limited.

Examples of successful eTwinning projects and project kits are listed in the link below:

Publications which can help you in developing your ideas for eTwinning projects are in the link below:

Different materials, such as presentations at eTwinning workshops organised by eTwinning National Support Service and recorded webinars can be found here.

More information on Quality Labels and projects from Serbia awarded with eTwinning Quality Labels can be found here.