Below you can see different materials, such as presentations held in eTwinning workshops, eTwinning Code of Conduct, webinar recordings, etc:

Project kits:


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Online materials and instructions:

Collection of eTwinning projects which received European Quality Label for 2017/2018 – online publication

Publication Impact of eTwinning on schools and preschool institutions in Serbia 

eTwinning Code of Conduct

eTwinning guide

eTwinning book Building a culture of inclusion through eTwinning

Publication How to develop the European and international dimension of your school

Publication Erasmus+ for schools


Webinar: National Quality Labels – application process overview and deadlines 2019/2020

Webinar: eTwinning in an online classroom

Online training 2018 – webinar Introducing eTwinning portal

Online training 2018 – webinar eTwinning project planning

Online training 2018 – webinar Ideas for implementing eTwinning

School week 2018 – webinar ”eTwinning – a network of teachers around Europe”

School week 2017- webinar Use of ICT tools in teaching

School week 2017 – webinar ”eTwinning for beginners”

School week 2017- webinar ”What does a good eTwinning project look like”

Webinar: eTwinning projects and web 2.0 tools in kindergarten

Webinar: Web 2.0 tools in eTwinning projects

Webinar: Organising eTwinning events by using Adobe Connect

Webinar: eTwinning in schools and kindergartens

Webinar: Opportunities for teachers and eTwinning schools on eTwinning platform

Webinar: eTwinning School Label – application process for 2019



National eTwinning Conference 2019 – “Development, use and monitoring of general competences”

National eTwinning Conference 2019 – presentation “What is of key importance in key competences?”

National eTwinning Conference 2019 – NQL awarding

National eTwinning Conference 2018 – presentations

National eTwinning Conference 2018 – introductory speeches

National eTwinning Conference 2017 – NQL awarding

National eTwinning Conference 2017 – presentations

National eTwinning Conference 2017 – introductory speeches

eTwinning and interactive learning – presentation held at National eTwinning Conference in 2016 in Niš

Presentation of an eTwinning project which won Quality Label, held at the NationaleTwinning Conference in 2016 in Niš

eTwinning Quality Labels, presentation held at eTwinning Conference on 2 December 2015

ICT in teaching and eTwinning, presentation held at eTwinning Conference on 2 December 2015.