Events organised by Central Support Service and National Support Services of other countries

Central Support Service (CSS) in Brussels in cooperation with the National Support Services of all countries participating in eTwinning portal (NSS) occasionally organises conferences for all registered members on the portal who use its opportunities and want to improve their skills.

National Support Services in cooperation with their colleagues from other countries organise seminars throughout Europe with the aim to support cooperation, connection and exchange of examples of good practice, as well as to support eTwinners in their professional training. These seminars and conferences include interactive workshops and presentations, along with exercises for participants, in order to transfer knowledge in the most practical and efficient way.


National Support Services, in line with financial possibilities, select eTwinners to attend events. eTwinners cannot choose themselves and attend international events without cooperation with the National Support Service of their own country.

Webinars organised by CSS, other NSS and eTwinning ambassadors

eTwinning portal offers possibility to join free online trainings and webinars organised by National Support Services, eTwinning Ambassadors, as well as eTwinners themselves. They cover a wide range of topics, such as use of the portal and themes classified by subjects or areas of interest. They are intended for those who have just started using eTwinning portal or for those who already have extensive experience in eTwinning.

Learning events

Learning Events are short intensive online events on a number of themes. Registered eTwinners receive information on learning events on eTwinning live where they can find themes and links for registration to events.