1. Who can register to the eTwinning portal?

All staff in school and preschool institutions in the Republic of Serbia can register to the eTwinning portal. National Support Service verifies each registration. It is required that registered eTwinners in Serbia submit certificate of employment in school or preschool institution to the National Support Service. eTwinners are obliged to inform the National Support Service of any change in the status of their employment, otherwise they will be deleted from the user base.

2. Can pupils register to the eTwinning portal?

No, only teaching stuff can register. Pupils can participate in the portal only if a teacher invites them to a project, exclusively through a password that teachers create in Twinspace of the portal.

3. I am registered on the eTwinning portal, but I cannot access my profile.

 Registration includes two basic steps. In the first step you write your e-mail address and your user name which you will later use to access your eTwinning profile. In the second step, the National Support Service sends you an email that contains a link. By clicking on this link, you are redirected to the full registration form where you can complete your registration. If you do not click on this link, your registration is not completed and you will not be able to login.

4. I’ve changed my workplace, should I register again to the portal?

No, the profile of the person must not be doubled. It is necessary to change the data on the existing profile. Editing is done via the eTwinning desktop, on the Profile tab, by clicking on Edit Profile.

5. Can I change the data I entered during registration?

Yes, your personal information and the information about the institution you work in should be regularly updated. You can edit your profile on the desktop by clicking on the tab Profile and field Edit profile. You can change all the information entered except the user name.

6. I forgot my password. What do I do?

Click on Forgot your password? in the login box of the portal’s homepage. Insert the email address that you used for registration and hit submit. Central Support Service will send you your login data and a new password. You can change your password as soon as you access your desktop.

7. Can more of my colleagues from the same school register to the eTwinning portal?

Yes, the registration is individual and each teacher from your school may register individually. All the people involved in the work of school and preschool institutions, teachers, educators, professors, librarians, counselors, psychologists, directors etc. may be registered on the portal. It is important that you check during the registration whether someone from your institution has already registered and entered the name of the institution. In the dropdown menu will appear in this case the name of the school/ preschool institution listed as an option. If you do not see it, it is necessary that you enter yourself the name of the institution where you are employed.

8. I registered an eTwinning project but it is still pending, what is happening?

When you start a project, you choose a colleague with whom you will implement it. In order that a project becomes visible and valid on the portal, it is necessary that a colleague you have invited agrees with everything you have entered, in fact that he or she agrees to participate in the project. After that, the project must be approved by the National Support Service in case it is a National project, or by the both National Support Services in case of the European project. If you consider that your project is pending for too long, ask the National Support Service for help.

9. Why cannot I join the project?

On your desktop in the right corner there is a field I am available for eTwinning projects. It is necessary to mark it with Yes, I’m available.

10. I want to add colleagues to my project, how can I do that?

When you start a project, you need to choose a colleague who will be the founder of the project with you. So the founders are two eTwinners from two different institutions. When the project becomes active (when it is approved by your colleague eTwinner and the National Support Services) you can invite other colleagues to join it as partners. It is not allowed to duplicate a project, in fact to have two identical projects which are implemented at the same time. In that case, the National Support Service will delete the duplicate of the project (the one which was launched as the second).

11. Why do I not have Twinspace?

Twinspace is a special section for communication and exchange of materials within one project. When you register a project, it is important to check the field among the tools that you want to use Twinspace as an option in the project. If you are not the founder, we suggest you to contact founders of the project via email and ask them to invite you in the project and its Twinspace.

12. Why I cannot find the field that is used to apply for the European Quality Label and I have colleagues from other countries?

The system automatically detects whether you have started a National project (when founders are from the same country) or you have started a European project (when founders are from different countries). Even when eTwinners from other countries join a National project, it remains National because the founders are from the same country. National projects are not eligible to apply for the European Quality Label, nor for the European award.

13. Is there a particular form for setting up projects?

Yes, at the portal there is a field Create new project. Clicking on this option, the portal guides you through the four steps that make clear descriptions of the fields to be filled. When everything is filled, press the Send button. It is necessary then to wait for the proposed colleague to agree and that the National Support Service approves the project.