General Call for proposals 2020 – Erasmus+ Programme

Update: The European Commission has published 2nd Corrigendum of the Erasmus+ General Call 2020.

The corrigendum introduces the new decentralised Call for strategic partnerships in response to COVID 19, dealing with “Innovative practices in a digital era” and “Skills development and inclusion through creativity and the arts”.

Within the Call two types of strategic partnership projects can be submitted:

  • Partnerships for Digital Education Readiness – in the fields of school education, vocational education and training, and higher education) and
  • Partnerships for Creativity – in the fields of youth, school education and adult education.

The Call is open until 29 Oct 2020, noon (CET).

You can access the forms on the following link.

Update:The European Commission has published Corrigendum of the Erasmus+ General Call 2020.This Corrigendum addresses two issues:

  • The status of the United Kingdom for the purpose of the Erasmus+ 2020 Call for Proposals
  • The introduction of an additional priority for the field of adult education under KA2-Strategic Partnerships

The full text of  the Erasmus+ Programme Guide (version 2 of 26/02/2020), incorporating the corrigendum can be found on the following webpage.

The European Commission has announced the new Erasmus+ General Call for proposals in the field of education, training, youth and sports, for the year 2020.

More details on the rules and opportunities for participation can be found in the Erasmus+ Programme Guide for 2019.

From the General Call for proposals for the year 2019, the Republic of Serbia has a status of a programme country in Erasmus+ programme, which means that institutions and organizations from Serbia can participate in all parts of the programme, either as coordinators or partners.

For more details about the projects please refer to the page Calendar of Calls.