How to apply


Check which projects are available for your institutions.

Go through details about the project type you are applying for in Erasmus+ Programme Guide, on the European Commission website, and on Foundation Tempus website.

Prepare European Development Plan (applies only to KA1 Learning mobility of individuals) – this document contains information about current position of the institution and future vision, institutional needs and explanation how will Erasmus+ activities fulfil expectations.

Think of main project theme and objectives

-Find partner organization

Considering institution type, you can use some of the following resources:

-Develop a project theme and objectives together with partners and start preparing the application form.

-Check if the organization fulfils basic requirements, which will be evaluated during the project application evaluation process:

  • Organizational capacities (appropriate professional competences and qualifications required for the implementation of the proposed project);
  • Financial capacities (stable and sufficient financial resources, in order to maintain project activities)

-Register for PIC, in case your organization hasn’t got one:

  • To submit an application, you will need an Organisation ID. Organisations that have already participated in an Erasmus+ managed by a National Agency and have a Participant Identification Code (PIC) have been assigned an Organisation ID automatically. Organisations/groups that have already obtained a PIC through their participation in other EU programmes do not need to register again;
  • Prepare legal entities and other documentation;
  • Preparefinancial identification.

More information about PIC is available here

-Check if all project partners have PIC

-Check if coordinating organization, the one applying for the project has foreign currency account.

If the organization acts as a project partner, it doesn’t need a foreign currency account.

-Once you finish majority of the application form, go through the criteria for project evaluation

These criteria can help you to evaluate your application and improve it.

-Check that you have filled out all required fields in the application form

-A completed application form should be sent electronically to the Foundation Tempus no later than the submission deadline.

The deadline for KA1 Learning mobility of individuals: February 5th , 2020 – 12:00 at noon

The deadline for KA2 Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices: March 24th – 12.00 at noon