How to use EPALE?

How to become a member of the platform?

In order to become a member of the platform, it is necessary to fill in a registration form. *

* Important note: while completing the registration form, it is recommended to tick the box: Allow my National Support Service to contact me. In this way, the National Support Service is able to see the activities of the users on the platform and can provide adequate support.

The registration process consists of several steps:

  • After filling out the registration form, a message confirming that you have successfully submitted your registration will arrive to the e-mail address specified in the application.
  • Following that, the Central Support Team will run a check and within a few days an email containing a link for accessing the profile will arrive to the same email address.
  • Clicking the link leads to the page where you need to set a password. After the password is set up, the registration is complete and the profile becomes active: it is visible to other members of the portal, content creation options (blog, news, events, resources), participation in discussions, commenting on content and access to communities of practice all become available to the user.

For detailed information, take a look at the Registration guide.