National documents

Laws and Strategies

Strategy for Education Development in Serbia 2020 deals with determining the purposes, goals, directions, instruments and mechanisms of development of education system in Serbia over the past ten years and attempts to shape the development of this system in the best identified manner.

Action Plan for Implementation of the Strategy for Education Development in Serbia 2020 defines the individual activities determined by Strategy objectives and priorities, develops procedures for implementation, timelines, key stakeholders and facilitators, monitoring instruments and progress indicators, as well as reporting procedures and assessment methods of the effects of planned strategic measures.

Law on the Education System Foundations governs the fundamentals of the system of preschool, primary and secondary education and care as follows: the principles, objectives and standards of education and care, manner and conditions for the delivery of preschool, primary and secondary education and care, establishment, organization, funding and supervision of the operation of education institutions as well as other issues of importance to education and care.

Law on Preschool Education

Foundations of the Program of Preschool Education

Law on Primary Education

Law on Secondary Education

Law on Dual Education 

Information on Vocational Education and Training can be found here.

Law on textbooks and other teaching materials regulates preparation, approval, publication and selection of textbooks and textbook sets for primary and secondary school, as well as monitoring and evaluation of their use in the educational work.

Law on Adult Education

Law on Higher Education

Law on the National Qualification Framework

Law on Educational Inspection

Bylaw on Students Assessment in Primary Education

Law on Students Standards

Quality Assurance

Indicators for Monitoring Education in Serbia

Trends in Development and Upgrading of the Quality of Preschool, Primary, General Secondary and Art Education and Upbringing 2010 – 2020

Digital competence framework “Teacher for a digital age”

Standards for Competences of Leaders of Educational Institutions

Bylaw on the continuous professional development of teachers 

Monitoring Framework for inclusive education in Serbia

Information on System Wide Analysis and Quality Assurance in Serbian Higher Education can be found here


Institutions and Organisations in the field of Education

Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development

National Education Council of the Republic of Serbia (for preschool, primary, general secondary and art education)

National Higher Education Council of the Republic of Serbia

Commission for Accreditation and Quality Assurance

Institute for the Improvement of Education

Institute for Education Quality and Evaluation

The Open Method of Coordination in Education and Training – Republic of Serbia

PISA Serbia

Educational Research Association of Serbia

Centre for Education Policy

RC and CPD Network in Serbia – Association of Regional Centers for professional development in education and vocational training centers

Students Union of Serbia

The Association of Students with Disabilities


Last modified: November 28, 2019