Mobility projects in the field of Higher Education (KA103 – HE) proposed for funding

Mobility projects in the field of higher education (KA103 – HE)

Projects selected for funding:

No. Ref. No. title applicant
1. 2020-1-RS01-KA103-065033 College of Applied Studies for Preschool Teacher Education, Vršac 4.407,00
2. 2020-1-RS01-KA103-065034 College of Applied Studies in Social Work, Belgrade 1.582,00
3. 2020-1-RS01-KA103-065035 College of Applied Studies in Sport and Medicine, Beograd 4.365,00
4. 2020-1-RS01-KA103-065040 University of Arts in Belgrade 44.057,00
5. 2020-1-RS01-KA103-065044 College of Applied Technical Studies in Zrenjanin 3.164,00
6. 2020-1-RS01-KA103-065045 University of Novi Pazar 4.746,00
7. 2020-1-RS01-KA103-065047 University of  Kragujevac 187.079 ,00
8. 2020-1-RS01-KA103-065048 University of Novi Sad 490.290,00
9. 2020-1-RS01-KA103-065053 Belgrade Academy of Applied Business Studies and Arts, Belgrade 28.751,00
10. 2020-1-RS01-KA103-065054 College of Applied Studies – Belgrade Politechnics, Belgrade 10.057,00
11. 2020-1-RS01-KA103-065056 College of Applied Studies  for Preschool Teacher Education in Novi Sad 4.662,00
12. 2020-1-RS01-KA103-065066 College of Applied Technical Studies,  Subotica 5.989,00
13. 2020-1-RS01-KA103-065083 College of Applied Studies of Modern Business, Belgrade 4.407,00
14. 2020-1-RS01-KA103-065092 University of Belgrade 895.068,00
15. 2020-1-RS01-KA103-065098 University “Union” Belgrade 27.685,00
16. 2020-1-RS01-KA103-065099 University Business Academy in Novi Sad 41.810,00
17. 2020-1-RS01-KA103-065105 Academy of Applied Studies,  Belgrade 41.642,00
18. 2020-1-RS01-KA103-065107 Visoka škola za poslovnu ekonomiju i preduzetništvo,  Belgrade 9.492,00
19 2020-1-RS01-KA103-065117 Academy of Applied Studies, Šabac 11.074,00
20. 2020-1-RS01-KA103-065121 Academy of Applied Studies, Šumadija, Kragujevac 19.042,00
21. 2020-1-RS01-KA103-065132 Academy of Applied Studies in Pre-School Teacher Education and Medical Studies, Kruševac 12.317,00
22. 2020-1-RS01-KA103-065136 University of  Niš 239.520,00
23. 2020-1-RS01-KA103-065161 University of Criminal Investigation and Police Studies, Beograd 3.164,00
24. 2020-1-RS01-KA103-065176 Visoka tehnička škola strukovnih studija u Novom Sadu 12.656,00
25. 2020-1-RS01-KA103-065227 University Singidunum 62.521,00
26. 2020-1-RS01-KA103-065228 College of Applied Electrical Engineering and IT Studies,  Belgrade 23.310,00
27. 2020-1-RS01-KA103-065247 Academy of Applied Studies of South Serbia, Leskovac


28. 2020-1-RS01-KA103-065266 Academy of Applied Technical Studies and Preschool Teacher Education, Niš 15.962,00
29. 2020-1-RS01-KA103-065298 University of Defense, Belgrade 23.730,00
30. 2020-1-RS01-KA103-065310 Metropolitan University,  Belgrade 18.645,00
31. 2020-1-RS01-KA103-065046 College of Applied Studies, Užice 8.490,00

Disclaimer: Decisions on proposed grant amounts can differ from the ones specified in the project application. Information on projects proposed for funding is not contractually binding on the Foundation Tempus before the organisation’s/institution’s legal representative signs a contract with the Foundation.