Student mobility

Students from EU universities which are partners in one of the exchange networks have the opportunity to spend a part of their studies, at any level, or even the complete Master/PhD studies at one of the universities from Serbia (which are partners in the same exchange network).

Exchange networks

Currently, Serbian universities participate in the following exchange networks:

How to apply

The first step is to determine whether the institution from the EU where you are currently studying is a partner in any of the networks. If it is, please look at the website of the exchange network in question for details on the application procedures, deadlines, etc.

If you are still a student, you can apply for an exchange period at one of the partner institutions from Serbia. Each exchange network has a coordinating university from the EU, as well as a contact person whom you can contact for more information. Please read the ‘frequently asked questions’ section at the exchange network website before sending a question to the contact person.


Study in Serbia website

If you want to know more about which programmes at Serbian universities are available in English or other foreign languages, or provide additional opportunities for foreign exchange students visit the Study in Serbia website.


Last modified: May 21, 2015