National Call for submission of Erasmus+ projects in 2017.

The Foundation Tempus opens the National Call for submission of Erasmus+ projects in 2017. in the framework of preparatory measures for full participation of Serbia in the Erasmus+ Programme.

The National Call refers exclusively to the following 5 types of Erasmus + projects for which the institutions and organisations from Serbia can apply:

• KA1 School Education

• KA1 Vocational Education and Training

• KA1 Adult Education

• KA1 Youth

• KA2 Vocational Education and Training

All other types of Erasmus+ projects in which institutions and ogranisations from Serbia can participate are covered by the general Call for Erasmus + projects 2017 .

Deadline for submission of all types of KA1 mobility projects is 12h, 2 February 2017 CET (noon). 

Deadlines for submission of KA2 strategic partnership projects for the field of vocational education and training is 12h, 29 March 2017 CET (noon). 

Please note that the participation of the Republic of Serbia in the Erasmus+ Programme is regulated by the Agreement signed between the European Union and the Republic of Serbia on the participation of the Republic of Serbia in the Erasmus+: the Union programme for education, training, youth and sport and the Stabilization and Association Agreement.

Only institutions can submit project applications, but the opportunities for individuals are opened once the project has been approved.

All interested parties and potential applicants for the types of projects indicated in the National Call are invited to read the following documents for more information and details for applying:

• General text of the National Call for Erasmus + projects 2017;

• Annex 1b: describing types of projects, potential applicants and participants, financing rules, project assessment criteria;

• Annex 1c: additional information for project applicants;

• Annex 2 – Differences between the Serbian National Call and the E+ General Call 2017. The users are encouraged to use this document as an additional tool for better understanding of the call for proposals. Nevertheless, it is important to emphasize that this document is not a part of the official documentation of the National Call and does not represent a contractual or any other obligation for Foundation Tempus.

All documents are in English.

The eForms and technical instructions for their filling in, are available below:

Application e-Form KA1 School Education

Application e-Form KA1 Vocational Education and Training

Application e-Form KA1 Adult Education

Application e-Form KA1 Youth

Application e-Form KA2 Vocational Education and Training

E+Technical guidelines for completing application e-Forms

* Please use Adobe Acrobat for downloading the eForms. You can download Adobe Acrobat at