According to the Article 15 of the Law on Personal Data Protection (“Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia”, No. 97/2008, 104/2009 – other Law, 68/2012 – decision of the Constitutional court and 107/2012) Foundation Tempus, Terazije 36, Belgrade, acting as data operator, intends to collect and process your personal data collected via the registration form (subsequently referred to as: “Data”). The purpose of this procedure is to enable participation in the events organized by the Foundation Tempus. Therefore, Foundation Tempus informs the party from whom the data is collected about the following:

Foundation Tempus collects and processes Data by using a registration form exclusively for the purpose of the organization of events which have educational and scientific character, based on the prior consent of the person whose Data are being collected. These Data will be archived for the period of one year. Foundation Tempus will not use the collected Data for any other purposes, disclose them to other parties or misuse them in any other manner. Person whose Data are being collected and processed has the rights, as follows::

  1. To recall of the consent for Data processing either in either written form or based on oral request noted in formal minutes. In this case person who gave the consent is obliged to compensate the costs and the damage to Foundation Tempus in accordance with the regulations that govern the responsibility for the occurrence of damage. After the recall the processing of data is prohibited;
  2. In the case of prohibited Data processing. Data processing is not permitted:
    1. if a natural person has not submitted the approval/consent, i.e. in case when data processing is being conducted without a legal authorisation;
    2. if itis conducted for the purposes other than the ones noted, regardless of the fact whether this process is being performed based on the consent of the person in question or based on the legal authorisation for data processing without the obligatory consent;
    3. if the purpose of the data processing is not clearly stated or it is altered, unauthorized or already conducted;
    4. if the person the Data are referred to is known or identifiable even after the purpose of the data processing has been fulfilled;
    5. if the processing methodology is prohibited;
    6. If the Data being processed is not relevant or suitable for the purpose of the processing;
    7. if the number and type of the Data being processed are not aligned to the purpose of the processing;
    8. if the Data are invalid or incomplete, i.e. when it is based on invalid source or it is obsolete;
  1. To be notified in relation to the Data processing;
  1. To get a view of his data being processed and their copy;
  1. To submit a request to modify, add, update, delete the Data (in case the purpose of the Data processing is not clearly stated or it has been modified without fulfilment of the necessary requirements for the changed aim; in case the purpose of the Data processing is fulfilled, i.e. the Data are no longer needed for accomplishing the purpose, as well as in case the processing methodology is prohibited; in case the Data are by number and type unsuitable for the purpose of processing or the Data are inaccurate without the possibility to alter them with the correct ones; the Data is being processed without the consent or authorisation based on legal provisions, as well as in other cases when the processing cannot be conducted  in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Personal Data Protection); to abort or temporarily suspend Data processing (in case Data accuracy, entirety and validity is being disputed); as well as the right to label these Data as invalid until their accuracy, entirety and validity is determined).


If you have any questions or remarks regarding your personal Data processing you can contact us:

Foundation Tempus – Erasmus+ Office in Serbia

Ruze Jovanovic 27a, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia

Tel/fax: +381 11 33 42 430


If you agree with terms and regulations of the personal Data collection and processing, you can proceed with filling out the registration form.