The 2017 National Call for Erasmus+ Project Proposals – Mobility Projects Proposed for Funding in the Field of School Education

The Foundation Tempus publishes the results of the grant award procedure for mobility projects in the field of School Education, as part of preparatory measures for Serbia’s full participation in the Erasmus+ Programme. Decisions on projects proposed for funding are made by the Foundation Tempus following the Erasmus+ rules, taking two main criteria into consideration: ranking of project proposals according to the number of points awarded by external evaluators upon assessment of the fulfillment of quality criteria, and funds available for this Call.

Projects proposed for funding:

Ref. No. Project name Applicant Proposed grant amount
2017-1-RS01-KA101-000074 Play, Learn and Grow Together “Cukarica” preschool, Belgrade 15,330.00
2017-1-RS01-KA101-000071 До квалитетног вртића кроз међународно партнерство(Towards a quality preschool through international partnership) “Mastolend” preschool, Novi Sad 15,180.00
2017-1-RS01-KA101-000078 Мобилност ка промени(Mobility towards change) “Moje detinjstvo” preschool, Cacak 14,250.00
2017-1-RS01-KA101-000129 Everyone seeks its own path- Our way to European kindergarten  “Vcielka” preschool, Backi Petrovac 6,970.00
2017-1-RS01-KA101-000159 Знање за будућност – подршка развоју дигиталних комптенеција код запослених и деце(Knowledge for the future – supporting the development of digital competences in employees and children) “11 April“ preschool, New Belgrade 13,110.00
2017-1-RS01-KA101-000007 Learning to support inclusion (LSI) Technical School of Chemistry and Food Industry, Belgrade 14,255.00
2017-1-RS01-KA101-000158 Културна традиција у савременом добу(Cultural tradition in modern society) “Sveti Sava” primary school, Pozarevac 7,385.00
2017-1-RS01-KA101-000006 Internationalization of the school through innovative methods and greater use of ICT in teaching “Nada Popovic” primary school, Krusevac 13,190.00
2017-1-RS01-KA101-000126 У сусрет матури(Towards the secondary school leaving qualification) Grammar School, Krusevac 11,400.00
2017-1-RS01-KA101-000083 Enjoying the Diversity “Jovan Jovanovic Zmaj” primary school, Novi Pazar 10,220.00
2017-1-RS01-KA101-000050 European Path “Nasa radost” preschool, Subotica 10,330.00
2017-1-RS01-KA101-000055 Integrative teaching in primary school “Vuk Stefanovic Karadzic“ “Vuk Stefanovic Karadzic“ primary school, Kragujevac 13,830.00
2017-1-RS01-KA101-000171 Inclusive support to the visually impaired and multi disabled visually impaired children in preschool age 4-6 “Veljko Ramadanovic” school for visually impaired pupils, Belgrade 6,150.00
2017-1-RS01-KA101-000009 New methods – better educational achievements “Petar Lekovic” primary school, Pozega 12,990.00
2017-1-RS01-KA101-000070 Интернационализација школе кроз интеркултуралност(School internationalisation through interculturality) “Kosta Trifkovic” primary school, Novi Sad 12,565.00
2017-1-RS01-KA101-000057 Подизање квалитета наставе применом пројектне методе(Raising the quality of teaching by following the project method) “Milica Pavlovic” primary school, Cacak 11,430.00
2017-1-RS01-KA101-000157 IT4LIFE (Innovative teaching for lifelong inspired functional education) “Stevan Dukic” primary school, Belgrade 5,860.00
2017-1-RS01-KA101-000119 Подизање капацитета наставног особља кроз учење из искустава и праксе земаља Европске уније(Building teachers’ capacity through learning from other EU countries’ experience and practice) Zemun Grammar School, Belgrade 12,095.00
2017-1-RS01-KA101-000054 Let’s learn together “Sreten Mladenovic Mika” primary school, Nis 14,250.00
2017-1-RS01-KA101-000160 Walls down – better staff competencies for school internationalization “14 October” primary and secondary school, Nis 23,735.00
2017-1-RS01-KA101-000069 Together we learn better! “Sveti Sava” primary school, Kikinda 15,100.00
2017-1-RS01-KA101-000030 KA1 School Mobility “Sveti Sava” primary school, Subotica 4,920.00
2017-1-RS01-KA101-000025 Multilingualism as _ Condition For EU Integration “Jovan Jovanovic Zmaj” primary school, Sremska Mitrovica 14,725.00
2017-1-RS01-KA101-000143 Let’s update our school – global teachers inspire with confidence “Hipokrat” secondary medical school, Novi Sad 11,560.00
2017-1-RS01-KA101-000052 European School for European Future “Mihajlo Pupin” primary school, Belgrade 13,770.00
2017-1-RS01-KA101-000097 School Without Boundaries “Milan Petrovic” primary and secondary school with a dormitory, Novi Sad 9,090.00
2017-1-RS01-KA101-000049 Keeping up with learners’ interests “Rada Miljkovic” primary school, Jagodina 8,550.00
2017-1-RS01-KA101-000014 Digital experience “Sveti Sava” primary school, Vladicin Han 13,500.00
2017-1-RS01-KA101-000098 Implementation of ICT tools and innovative teaching skills at school “Sveti Sava” primary school, Vrcin 4,920.00
2017-1-RS01-KA101-000115 School cooperation for better support for students with disabilities “Miodrag V. Matic” primary school for pupils with disabilities, Uzice 6,375.00
2017-1-RS01-KA101-000139 Our learning journey “Vrabac” preschool, Kragujevac 11,310.00

Project applications on the reserve list:

Ref. No. Project name Applicant Proposed grant amount
2017-1-RS01-KA101-000017 Teachers Beyond Borders “Vuk Karadzic” primary school, Negotin 12,925.00
2017-1-RS01-KA101-000064 Our Digital Steps towards Europe Lazarevac Grammar School, Lazarevac 10,890.00
2017-1-RS01-KA101-000156 Feeling at Home – Creating harmonious and collaborative classroom environment for children from underprivileged groups in prevention of early school leaving “Olga Milosevic” primary school, Smederevska Palanka 7,171.00
2017-1-RS01-KA101-000056 Глумом против насиља(Fighting violence through acting) “Ivo Lola Ribar” primary school, Novi Sad 7,820.00
2017-1-RS01-KA101-000012 Shadow teacher “Milan Blagojevic” primary school, Lucani 6,150.00
2017-1-RS01-KA101-000005 Enhancing teachers’ competences within creative and critical thinking educational framework “Nadezda Petrovic” medical school, Zemun, Belgrade 8,170.00
2017-1-RS01-KA101-000022 Implementing ICT For Enhancing Tolerance In Intercultural Rural Community “Jovan Jovanovic Zmaj” primary school, Sremska Mitrovica 11,800.00
2017-1-RS01-KA101-000155 Let’s understand each other “Kralj Petar Prvi” primary school, Belgrade 8,790.00
2017-1-RS01-KA101-000099 Let’s innovate school! “Dr Dragisa Misovic” primary school, Cacak 5,300.00
2017-1-RS01-KA101-000011 European future for Serbian education “Zivomir Savkovic” primary school, Kovacevac 12,120.00
2017-1-RS01-KA101-000077 Innovative learning tools in the Classroom “Mileva Maric-Ajnstajn” technical school, Novi Sad 9,960.00
2017-1-RS01-KA101-000120 Better English skills for better future prospects “Sinisa Janic” primary school, Vlasotince 7,160.00
2017-1-RS01-KA101-000142 Creativity and using t_chnology in the classroom “Dr Radivoj Uvalic” secondary vocational school, Backa Palanka 3,440.00
2017-1-RS01-KA101-000107 The Keys to Dreams League of Curious Readers “Stefan Decanski” primary school, Belgrade 4,650.00
2017-1-RS01-KA101-000044 Teacher Development “Branko Radicevic” primary school, Negotin 12,250.00

*The projects on the reserve list may be financed if the possibility arises, e.i. in case additional funds become available.

Disclaimer: Decisions on proposed grant amounts can differ from the ones specified in the project application. Information on projects proposed for funding is not contractually binding on the Foundation Tempus before the organisation’s/institution’s legal representative signs a contract with the Foundation.