The 2017 National Call for Erasmus+ Project Proposals – VET Mobility Projects Proposed for Funding

The Foundation Tempus publishes the results of the grant award procedure for VET mobility projects (KA1), as part of preparatory measures for Serbia’s full participation in the Erasmus+ Programme (01-2017). Decisions on projects proposed for funding are made by the Foundation Tempus following the Erasmus+ rules, taking two main criteria into consideration: ranking of project proposals according to the number of points awarded by external evaluators upon assessment of the fulfilment of quality criteria, and funds available for this Call.

Projects proposed for funding:

Application number Project name Applicant Proposed grant amount
2017-1-RS01-KA102-000075 Дођох, Видех, Научих

(I came; I saw; I learned)

“Drvo Art” technical school, Belgrade EUR 7,290.00
2017-1-RS01-KA102-000060 Practical training on simulators for maritime study of Serbia School of Shipping, Shipbuilding and Hydro Building, Belgrade EUR 17,280.00
2017-1-RS01-KA102-000144 Innovation in gastronomy department of Secondary School of Economics Sombor Secondary School of Economics, Sombor EUR 8,320.00
2017-1-RS01-KA102-000095 Мобилношћу до унапређивања наставе стручних предмета  (Mobility for the improvement of teaching vocational subjects) School od Hospitality and Tourism, Belgrade EUR 7,875.00
2017-1-RS01-KA102-000048 Dual education and virtual company at secondary school School of Law and Business, Nis EUR 5,764.00
2017-1-RS01-KA102-000094 Регионални центар компетенција – међународна сарадња Србија – Словенија (Regional Competence Centre – International cooperation Serbia – Slovenia) Polytechnic School, Kragujevac EUR 12,259.00
2017-1-RS01-KA102-000127 Мобилношћу до повећања знања и капацитета наставника (Mobility for building teachers’ knowledge and capacity) Technical School, Vladicin Han EUR 8,540.00
2017-1-RS01-KA102-000093 Friendship, learning and practice between a developed country and a developing country School of Economics and Trade, Novi Pazar EUR 8,095.00
2017-1-RS01-KA102-000031 Acquiring of knowledge for school and life ,,Branko Radicevic” secondary vocational school, Ruma EUR 9,156.00

Disclaimer: Decisions on proposed grant amounts can differ from the ones specified in the project application. Information on projects proposed for funding is not contractually binding on the Foundation Tempus before the organisation’s/institution’s legal representative signs a contract with the Foundation.

Selection results for projects in the field of general education will be published by the end of May 2017.