Programme rules

When a Tempus project is selected for funding, the coordinating institution signs a contract with the European Commission by which it undertakes, on behalf of the whole Consortium, legal and financial responsibility for the project.

Rules for the implementation of the project can be found in the Grant Agreement and Project Application.

It is highly advisable for all the partners of one project to be acquainted with the necessary contractual documentation.

The Tempus Grant agreement contains the following parts:

  • Specific conditions
  • General conditions and
  • annexes

Budget for a project is transferred in three instalments:

  • 60% of the total Tempus grant allocated for the project
  • 30% when 70% of the first instalment (60%) has been spent
  • after submission of the final report, up to 10% of the total Tempus grant allocated for the project, depending on what the real reported expenditures are.

Please note that the European Commission has the right to reduce the budget of the projects, as presented in the project application, as well as to make the recommendation to improve certain activities from the application form.


Last modified: September 6, 2014