Selection Results for Erasmus Charter for Higher Education 2021-2027

Higher education institutions from Serbia had the opportunity to submitte the applications for Erasmus Charter for Higher Education in order to secure their participation in the new Erasmus + program. All accredited independent higher education institutions from the Republic of Serbia had the right to apply for the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education.

In this call, 36 independent higher education institutions from Serbia were successful and will be Charter holders in the next Erasmus+ programe. Therefore, these institutions have exercised the right to participate in the new Erasmus+ program for its entire duration from 2021 to 2027, if they respect the principles of the Charter.

Following higher education institutions are newly awarded ECHE holders:

  1. Academy of Applied Preschool Teaching and Health Studies
  2. Academy of Applied Studies Belgrade
  3. Academy of Applied Studies West Serbia
  4. Academy of Professional Studies South Serbia
  5. Academy of Applied Studies Sabac
  6. Academy of Applied Studies Sumadija
  7. Academy of Applied Technical and Preschool Studies
  8. Belgrade Business and Arts Academy of Applied Studies
  9. Medical College of Professional Studies “Milutin Milankovic”
  10. Novi Sad School of Busines
  11. Information Technology School
  12. Preschool Teacher and Sport Coach Training College of Applied Studies
  13. Subotica Tech – College of Applied Studies
  14. Technical College of Applied Studies Zrenjanin
  15. Higher Education Technical School of Professional Studies in Novi Sad
  16. Faculty of Business Economics and Entrepreneurship
  17. Preschool Teacher Training College, Vršac
  18. Preschool Teacher Training College in Novi Sad
  19. Modern Business School
  20. College of Social Work
  21. Preschool Teacher Training and Business Informatics College of Applied Studies – Sirmium, Sremska Mitrovica
  22. University of Criminal Investigation and Police Studies
  23. Megatrend university
  24. Metropolitan university in Belgrade
  25. University Union Belgrade
  26. University Union Nikola Tesla
  27. University Educons Sremska Kamenica
  28. University of Defense in Belgrade
  29. University Business Academy in Novi Sad
  30. University Singidunum
  31. University of Belgrade
  32. University of Kragujevac
  33. University of Nis
  34. University of Novi Sad
  35. University of Novi Pazar
  36. University of arts in Belgrade

We congratulate all awarded Charter institutions and wish successful participation in the new Erasmus+ program.

If you still have not received the formal notification from EACEA about the ECHE selection results, feel free to contact directly ECHE team via email

Complete list of awarded HEIs can be found on EACEA website.