Serbia in EU programmes from 2001-2004

Tempus 2001-2013

Republic of Serbia is participating in EU educational programmes since 2001, when she joined so called “Tempus III” programme (2001-2007). Tempus IV followed from 2007 until 2013, and after that became part of the Erasmus+ programme.

High education institutions from Serbia participated in Tempus programme from 2001 until 2013. During that period, they participated in projects with the total value of over 45 million euros and were coordinators in 187 projects.

List of Tempus projects 2001-2013


Youth in action 2007-2013

The Republic of Serbia started it’s participation in “Youth in action” programme in 2007. Until 2014, when the programme became part of Erasmus+, Serbia participated in 316 projects with the total budget of over 4.8 million euros.

List of “Youth in action” projects 2007-2013


The Republic of Serbia participated in the Lifelong Learning Programme from 2010 until 2013 and had 43 projects during that span.

LLP projects list

Erasmus Mundus

Since 2007, Republic of Serbia participated in Erasmus Mundus programme, which was a cooperation and mobility programme in the field of higher education.

Since 2007 until 2014, higher education institutions from Serbia participated in 18 Erasmus Mundus projects.