TCA događaji za oblast mladih

Title Aim of the Activity Target group No of participants to be supported* Indicative calendar   (month/quarter and year)
From Knowing To Being (FKTB), Germany KTB is based on the ETS competence model for trainers, and particlarly looks at the atitudes in it. It explores curiosity and the trainers’ core attitudes to become aware of what is present and where they would like to develop further. trainers and educators 2 10-18 June 2019
TOOL FAIR XIV – #Know-how, Finland Focus is on the following topics:
• Recognition of youth work – what is quality and how to evaluate youth work,
• Youth work strategy – be in important player in the field;
• Youth work as a profession – different ways of learning youth work;
• Social inclusion and how to involve everyone;
youth workers on various levels of the field 2 4-8 November 2019
Makerspaces in digital youth work, Luxemburg Training course for youth workers who want to set up an international network in the field of digital youth work and creative e-skills. youth and social workers 2 4-9 November 2019
Cross-over- Key Action 2- development of cross-sectoral cooperation (1222), Croatia Training course with the main aim of improving the quality of KA2 strategic partnership projects with impact on the youth field youth workers on various levels of the field 2  19-23 November 2019
The Power of Non Formal Education, Germany Improving the impact of Non Formal Education (NFE), principles and methods in creating empowerment opportunities for young people as real actors of the society (from local to Europe). youth workers, trainers, youth leaders, youth project managers, youth policy makers 4 16-21 December 2019
RAY research – Research-­based analysis and monitoring of Erasmus+:YiA (RAY MON) This project aims to continuously collect data from projects with respect to a broad scope of aspects in order to contribute to practice development and to improving the implementation of the programme. n/a n/a 2019
The Sound of Music V While doing activities with young people, it is very common to use music in a bigger or smaller scale, and in a more conscious or unconscious way. The music can influence the atmosphere that is created in a group, it can transmit emotions and/or words, it can be a fundamental part of one activity or even affect in a negative way when we are not using the right music for the situation.

The conscious use of music, the awareness of its impact on emotions, the right choice for the different moments, the options about public use (copyright, creative commons licenses), the digital tools to work with music, etc… are different aspects not always known and successfully used by trainers, youth leaders and/or workers in the field of youth.

Therefore, the purpose of this training is to develop the participants’ competences in the use of music as a powerful tool in non-formal education activities with young people.

Youth workers, Trainers, Mentors, Youth Leaders working with young people on a regular basis


Previous international experience is not a must.

 3  1-8 December 2019
Other TCA – will be added additionally, Erasmus + programme countries  

Aiming at youth workers, their work in smaller teams; developing concrete skills and capacities of youth workers and other youth work practitioners in the local level.

youth workers/leaders, mentors, coaches, trainers and youth leaders – everyone interested in developing the quality of their youth work in terms of supporting learning to be decided at a later date  2019 – first half of 2020