TCA догађаји за област образовања одраслих

Other TCA, Erasmus+ programme countries​

Title Aim of the Activity Target group No of participants to be supported* Indicative calendar   (month/quarter and year)
Enhancing Digital Competences in Education and Training, Estonia  Contact seminar for the new KA2 strategic partnerships on the issue of ICT and digital skills, with the special focus on creating cross-sectoral and transversal collaborations between different sectors and organizations.  AE teachers, trainers 1  4-7 September 2019
Contact seminar Adult Education: Guidance to the labour market, the Netherlands The aim of this seminar is to improve the quality of AE project application:  Guidance of vulnerable adults to the labour market. With a specific focus on three subgroups: – Young adult Not in Education, Employment and Training (NEETs) – Adults with a mild intellectual disability – Adults lacking basic skills.  Adult education teachers-trainers  2  6-8 October 2019
Key competences for adults in cultural institutions, Poland  Networking in the area of adults’ key competencies learnt in cultural institutions, sharing the best practices, discussing ideas for new projects, preparing drafts of new Erasmus+ Adult Education projects  AE teachers, trainers, AE institutions managers 1  8-11 October 2019
“Next Erasmus+: More opportunities to all citizens”, France This year, the annual conference of the Erasmus + France / Education Training Agency is organized in collaboration with the Swedish + Serbian Erasmus + agencies.  Adult education teachers-trainers 3  7-8 November 2019

Digital Competencies for Staff in Adult Education, Germany

The seminar will give an opportunity to share experience and discover new approaches in the field of digitalization in adult education. In this seminar, the focus will be put on ideas on how to develop digital competencies for staff in adult education. This can be realized by developing educational/ methodological and didactical concepts or courses for Mobility projects. The seminar will offer the possibility to recognize and use synergies between Strategic Partnership projects and Mobility projects. Adult education teachers-trainers 2 1-4 December 2019
 Other TCA, Erasmus+ programme countries Aiming at internationalisation, employability, links with the labour market, inclusive practice in AE, second language schools, key competencies, contact seminars for AE projects AE teachers, trainers, AE institutions managers to be decided at  a later stage 2019/2020

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