TCA događaji za visoko obrazovanje


Title Aim of the Activity Target group No of participants to be supported* Date of the event
Glocalisation – conference, Bled Glocalisaton: linking the far and the near in higher education HE teaching and administrative staff, IRO 1 17 – 18 October 2019
Professionalisation in Higher Education (staff mobility) Enhancing quality of staff mobility by embedding staff mobility in the policy goals of the organisation (HR policy, team plans, etc.). HE teaching and administrative staff, IRO 2 spring 2020
Learning Agreement – the most powerful document among many related to Erasmus+ student mobility raise quality of mobility in HE: build competence of participants from HEI  about LA requirements, and students understanding of the term “full recognition” HE teaching and administrative staff, IRO 2 2019
Exchange of good practices among IROs on ICM related issues
Participants will share their practices and methodologies on managing several issues related to Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility (KA107).
HE teaching and administrative staff, IRO 2 6-8 November 2019
Possible other TCA Tackling the aims of internationalisation in HE, incoming-outgoing student support services, special needs students participation in mobility, employability, career guidance, networking, links with labour market, recognition of learning/study periods abroad,  quality of online teaching and teaching HE teaching and administrative staff, IRO to be decided at a later stage 2019/2020

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