The 2018 National Call for Erasmus+ Project Proposals – Mobility Projects Proposed for Funding in the Field of School Education

The Foundation Tempus publishes the results of the grant award procedure for mobility projects in the field of School Education, as part of preparatory measures for Serbia’s full participation in the Erasmus+ Programme.

Decisions on projects proposed for funding are made by the Foundation Tempus following the Erasmus+ rules, taking two main criteria into consideration: ranking of project proposals according to the number of points awarded by external evaluators upon assessment of the fulfillment of quality criteria, and funds available for this Call.

Projects proposed for funding:

Number Ref. No. Project name Applicant Proposed Grant Amount
1. 2018-1-RS01-KA101-000302 Stepping Stones to Modern School Primary School “Aleksa Santic”, Stepanovicevo 10.475,00
2. 2018-1-RS01-KA101-000205 Empowering teachers for innovative and student-centred learning environment Primary School “Vuk Karadzic”, Pirot 13.950,00
3. 2018-1-RS01-KA101-000298 Take me out of the shadow – Job shadowing for an inclusive school Primary School “Olga Milosevic”, Smederevska Palanka 11.850,00
4. 2018-1-RS01-KA101-000272 Заврши започето (Finish what you started) Technical Secondary School “Drvo Art”, Belgrade 11.440,00
5. 2018-1-RS01-KA101-000231 Матура у мојој школи (Matura exam in my school) Sixth Belgrade Gymnasium, Belgrade 6.850,00
6. 2018-1-RS01-KA101-000264 Како да смањимо рано напуштање школовања – мере спречавања осипања ученика из образовног система (How to reduce early school leaving – measures to prevent students from dropping out of the education system) Agricultural and Chemical Secondary School “Dr Djordje Radic”, Kraljevo 9.630,00
7. 2018-1-RS01-KA101-000209 Let’s Flip Our Classroom Primary School “Kosta Trifkovic”, Novi Sad 9.330,00
8. 2018-1-RS01-KA101-000257 Партиципација родитеља у школи (Participation of parents in school) Primary School “Milan Rakic”, Belgrade 12.975,00
9. 2018-1-RS01-KA101-000244 New Skills – New School Primary School “Stevica Jovanovic”, Pancevo 9.300,00
10. 2018-1-RS01-KA101-000288 Building the Quality through Intercultural Interactions Preschool Institution “Radost”, Novi Banovci, Stara Pazova 12.930,00
11. 2018-1-RS01-KA101-000247 Education=Motivation+Creativity+Cooperation Preschool Institution “Fejes Klara”, Kikinda 18.140,00
12. 2018-1-RS01-KA101-000228 Empowering diversity, inclusion and equity in our school- different or alike together we make a whole Primary School,,Ivo Andric”, Belgrade 11.565,00
13. 2018-1-RS01-KA101-000223 Мудрији заједно (Wiser together) Primary School “Ivan Milutinovic”, Visnjica, Belgrade 16.765,00
14. 2018-1-RS01-KA101-000214 Music school in a new dimension of education Music School “Stevan Hristic”, Krusevac 8.975,00
15. 2018-1-RS01-KA101-000250 Diversity is Opportunity Primary School “Djura Jaksic”, Zajecar 18.600,00
16. 2018-1-RS01-KA101-000215 Едукација и мобилност у савременој школи (Education and mobility in modern school) Mechanical Electrical Engineering Secondary School, Bor 10.655,00
17. 2018-1-RS01-KA101-000232 Project-based learning as a segment of modern teaching of First technical school First Technical Secondary School, Kragujevac 18.235,00
18. 2018-1-RS01-KA101-000245 Кроз нове приступе до бољих исхода у образовању ученика са сметњама у развоју (Through new approaches to better outcomes in the education of students with disabilities) Primary and Secondary school “Vukasin Marković”, Kragujevac 13.025,00
19. 2018-1-RS01-KA101-000299 Разлике нас спајају (Differences join us together) Primary School “Zmaj Jova Jovanovic”, Ruma 9.300,00
20. 2018-1-RS01-KA101-000320 ИКТ и умрежавање (ICT and networking) Technical Secondary school, Zajecar 14.870,00
21. 2018-1-RS01-KA101-000225 Humanistic Approach to Education in an Interactive Classroom  Medical School “Nadezda Petrovic”, Belgrade 11.255,00
22. 2018-1-RS01-KA101-000326 New Focus on Education Gymnasium “Dusan Vasiljev”, Kikinda 11,625.00
23. 2018-1-RS01-KA101-000310 Creativity and using technology in the classroom Secondary Vocational School “Dr Radivoj Uvalic”, Backa Palanka 9.390,00
24. 2018-1-RS01-KA101-000285 Европска искуства за квалитетну школу (European experiences for quality school) “Kreativno Pero” School, Belgrade 10.940,00
25. 2018-1-RS01-KA101-000222 New methods, a voyage to new education frontiers Primary School “Sveti Sava”, Subotica 11.085,00
26. 2018-1-RS01-KA101-000199 ETS Kula ICT Development Economic and Trade Secondary School, Kula 15.840,00
27. 2018-1-RS01-KA101-000216 Better when connected Primary School “Despot Stefan Visoki”, Despotovac 10.980,00


Project applications on the reserve list:


Number Ref. No. Project name Applicant Proposed Grant Amount
1. 2018-1-RS01-KA101-000290 Crossing borders – crossing limits Gymnasium “Patrijarh Pavle”, Belgrade 16.410,00
2. 2018-1-RS01-KA101-000255 Радост учења (The joy of learning) Primary School “Milica Pavlovic”, Cacak 9.900,00
3. 2018-1-RS01-KA101-000234 A step into the future Primary School “Milan Blagojevic”, Lucani 13.950,00
4. 2018-1-RS01-KA101-000266 Једнакост за све (Equality for all) Primary School “Jovan Popovic”, Belgrade 19.595,00



Disclaimer: Decisions on proposed grant amounts can differ from the ones specified in the project application. Information on projects proposed for funding is not contractually binding on the Foundation Tempus before the organisation’s/institution’s legal representative signs a contract with the Foundation.