The 2018 National Call for Erasmus+ Project Proposals – Mobility Projects in the Field of Adult Education (KA1) Proposed for Funding

The Foundation Tempus publishes the results of the grant award procedure for mobility projects in the field of adult education (KA1), as part of preparatory measures for Serbia’s full participation in the Erasmus+ Programme.

Decisions on projects proposed for funding are made by the Foundation Tempus following the Erasmus+ rules, taking two main criteria into consideration: ranking of project proposals according to the number of points awarded by external evaluators upon assessment of the fulfilment of quality criteria, and funds available for this Call.


Projects proposed for funding:


Number Ref. No. Project name Applicant Proposed Grant Amount
1. 2018-1-RS01-KA104-000295 The Culture and the Use of ICT in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language Association of Spanish language teachers in Serbia, Belgrade 15.533,00
2. 2018-1-RS01-KA104-000297 Примена основа програма Reggio Emilia у вртићима (Application of the Reggio Emilia program in kindergartens) Association for the Promotion of Child Development “Big Little World”, Belgrade 10.665,00
3. 2018-1-RS01-KA104-000207 Developing Competences for Efficient Use of Language, New Methodology and Innovative Technology in EFL Classroom “Blackbird” Agency, Cacak 9.880,00
4. 2018-1-RS01-KA104-000212 Learning and Sharing for Better Teaching Association of English Language Teachers ELTA, Belgrade 17.851,00
5. 2018-1-RS01-KA104-000258 Целоживотно учење као образовање за будућност (Lifelong learning as education for the future) Primary school “Sveti Sava”, Pozarevac 6.240,00
6. 2018-1-RS01-KA104-000325 Market of Entrepreneurship Roads of Entrepreneurship, Novi Sad 9.644,00
7. 2018-1-RS01-KA104-000304 Prison education: The way to be free Serbian association of Andragogists, Belgrade 16.448,00


Project applications on the reserve list:


Number Ref. No. Project name Applicant Proposed Grant Amount
1. 2018-1-RS01-KA104-000327 Move on! Technical Secondary School, Knjazevac 6.308,00
2. 2018-1-RS01-KA104-000233 Raising quality  of language services on the road to EU “Queen Victoria” Foreign Language Studio, Belgrade 4.820,00



Disclaimer: Decisions on proposed grant amounts can differ from the ones specified in the project application. Information on projects proposed for funding is not contractually binding on the Foundation Tempus before the organisation’s/institution’s legal representative signs a contract with the Foundation.