The European Commission publishes the Education and Training Monitor 2015

The fourth edition of the annual publication of the European Commission, The Education and Training Monitor, has been published for 2015. This report deals with Europe’s education and training systems and aims to measure European Union’s progress in achieving the goals set in Europe 2020 headline target for education. Additionally, it represents a basis for annual Country Reports, which assess individual countries’ performances in the framework of the European Semester.

The data collected displays educational progress in European countries in the last year, but also shows a growing need for more inclusiveness and social mobility. The report demonstrates that in 2015, more Member States have reached the goals set in EU’s growth and jobs strategy, concerning desired number of students finishing higher education and minimalizing the number of students leaving education early. However, the publication also shows that pupils and students from socially disadvantaged and immigrant backgrounds are much more likely to leave education early than their peers from better-off backgrounds. Therefore, the report concludes, investments are needed in order to increase inclusiveness and social mobility throughout Europe’s educational systems.

A publication of the Eurydice network, Structural Indicators for Monitoring Education and Training Systems in Europe 2015, provides background and complementary information to a number of structural indicators included in the Education and Training Monitor 2015 published by the European Commission. This report comprises all EU members and most other countries participating in Eurydice network, including Serbia. The document contains more than 30 indicators in five key areas: early childhood education and care, achievement in basic skills, higher education, graduate employability, and learning mobility.