Adult education

Erasmus+ programme allows institutions and organisations in the field of adult education to send their learners and staff on a period of learning and professional development in other European countries or to participate in projects of international cooperation. 

Institutions and organisations from Serbia can assume the role of coordinator, i.e. the applicant organization, or partners in a project. 

Adult education institutions have the following participating opportunities within the programme: 
  1. KA1 Mobility projects– These projects allow organisations to send their learners and staff on shorter or longer periods of learning or training in a EU Member State or third country associated to the Programme or organise different incoming mobility activities for partner organisations. Learners and staff in adult education can participate in short-term or accredited mobility projects with the aim of improving the quality of teaching and learning, strengthening the European dimension of teaching and learning, and contributing to the European Education Area. 
  2. KA2 Partnerships for Cooperation inadult education enable organisations to participate in international cooperation projects, strengthen their capacities and produce innovative results. Depending on the size and the scope of the project, organizations can participate in Cooperation Partnerships and Small-scale partnerships. 
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