Erasmus+ ambassadors

In April 2022, the Foundation Tempus selected 21 Erasmus+ ambassadors, who will promote this European Union programme throughout Serbia in the next two years. The establishment of a network of ambassadors of the Erasmus+ programme aims to inform the public about the opportunities provided by this programme.

The mission of the Erasmus+ ambassadors

Ambassadors promote Erasmus+ by providing basic information about the programme and calls for projects in their cities, as well as by participating in informative events and other activities in cooperation with the Foundation Tempus. Each ambassador specializes in a certain segment of the Erasmus+ programme.

Activities of Erasmus+ ambassadors include:

  • Support to the promotion of the Erasmus+ programme in the Republic of Serbia by providing basic information about the programme and calls for projects and opportunities for individuals through the programme;
  • Participation in informational events and other activities organized by the Foundation Tempus;
  • Organizing and independently implementing promotional activities for different types of Erasmus+ projects with prior agreement with the Foundation Tempus;
  • Participation in meetings, conferences and seminars with other Erasmus+ ambassadors in the country, to which they are referred by the Foundation Tempus;

Erasmus+ ambassadors are:

For the field of school, vocational and adult education
For the field of higher education
For the field of youth
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