Youth participation activities

This type of projects provide opportunities for involving young people from Serbia in decision-making processes on issues that affect them the most. Young people are given the opportunity to communicate with decision makers at the local and international level. These projects can last up to 24 months.

Projects for youth participation acitivities provide an opportunity to:

  • to bring together young people and decision-makers in one place in order to establish a dialogue and initiate the resolution of issues important for young people;
  • develop digital skills and media literacy among young people, so that they can more easily recognize misinformation, fake news, propaganda and thus further protect themselves;
  • use alternative, innovative, digital forms of youth participation, as well as to extend participation to different areas of importance for young people (health, sports, environmental protection, etc.), regardless of whether they are managed by the public or private sector;
  • to prepare young people for participation in society, etc.

These projects encourage the unconventional participation of young people through the use of alternative and digital forms of participation, as well as the participation of young people in other sectors such as health, sports, education, because most social problems affect young people. The list of possible activities is not defined in advance and depends on your creativity, the needs of young people and the decision makers you want to influence.

More detailed information on projects for youth participation activities can be found in the text of the Erasmus+ programme guide.

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