eTwinning offers a platform for staff working in school or preschool institutions all over Europe. The aim of the portal is to support communication, cooperation and development of projects in an online environment. The eTwinning action promotes school collaboration in Europe through the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) by providing support, tools and services for schools. Use of the portal is free and safe.

Who can register on eTwinning?

Only staff (teachers, head teachers, librarians, pedagogues, psychologists, etc.) working in schools or preschool institutions can register in eTwinning portal and join eTwinning community.

Cooperation and connection

eTwinning can be an opportunity for professional development and improvement. eTwinning offers a chance for schools in Serbia to establish contacts with EU colleagues and beyond. The Portal provides the perfect environment for the exchange of ideas, experiences and advice, the possibility to participate in various groups and forums, and the opportunity for development of teaching and ICT skills through different online trainings.

More details are available below.

By clicking on the field Register on the homepage of the portal, a table opens in which a teacher writes his/her personal details. Once the pre-registration is completed, an email is received from the eTwinning team that contains a link. By clicking on this link, a registered eTwinner is redirected to the full registration form where he or she can complete their registration by defining a name and a password.

Validation and registration procedure

After the completion of registration on the eTwinning portal, in order to ensure the safety of all users of the portal, it is necessary that a school or preschool employee sends a scanned certificate of employment/engagement in a school/preschool institution within three days of registration to the e-mail address of the National Support Service in Serbia: It is also required that the certificate has a signature and a seal of the Director of the school / preschool institution and that it is in one of two specific forms that can be downloaded below:

Certificate of active employment in an educational institution

Certificate of active engagement in an educational institution

If the person registered on the portal does not send a certificate which shows that he or she is an employee in the school or preschool institution, his / her eTwinning account cannot be validated until the certificate is received. If the employee of the school / preschool institution cannot send a certificate within the specified period of time, it is necessary to contact the National Support Service within three working days of registration on the portal eTwinning.

Upon registration and validation on the eTwinning portal, each registered member can log in to their eTwinning live, search project partners and create projects. eTwinning live is a personal space of each member registered on eTwinning and it is recommended that it is updated on a regular basis.

In order to create an eTwinning project, you should make a contact list consisted of your colleagues you wish to work on a project. Besides eTwinning live, there is also Twinspace consisting of ICT tools which support communication and collaboration on an eTwinning project.

eTwinning projects can be awarded with National and European Quality Labels.

eTwinning Code of Conduct can be found here.

Detailed information and guidelines on eTwinning portal can be found on the public part of eTwinning portal, as well as on the page Resources on the Foundation Tempus website.



eTwinning National Support Service in Serbia organises series of events throughout the year in order to represent eTwinning portal the best way, as well as all the possibilities it offers. Foundation Tempus – Erasmus+ office in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, Education Council, preschool institutions, primary and secondary schools all over Serbia, National Support Services of other countries participating in eTwinning, Central Support Service in Brussels, organises information days, annual conferences, seminars, workshops and online trainings. Please see detailed information below.

National eTwinning Conferences

eTwinning National Support Service organizes annual eTwinning conferences in order to promote eTwinning portal and present examples of successful projects and achieved results.

Accredited eTwinning seminars for teachers

eTwinning National Support Service organises accredited seminars for teachers and employees in schools and pre-school institutions.

Online events – webinars and trainings

eTwinning National Support Service organises online trainings on different topics. Trainings consist of everyday short activities, such as webinars and exercises on the eTwinning portal.

Events organised by Central Support Service and National Support Services of other countries

National Support Services, in cooperation with their colleagues from other countries, organise seminars throughout Europe with the aim to support cooperation, connection and exchange of examples of good practice.


Central Support Service (CSS) in Brussels in cooperation with the National Support Services of all countries participating in eTwinning portal (NSS) occasionally organises conferences for all registered members on the portal who use its opportunities and want to improve their skills.

National Support Services in cooperation with their colleagues from other countries organise seminars throughout Europe with the aim to support cooperation, connection and exchange of examples of good practice, as well as to support eTwinners in their professional training. These seminars and conferences include interactive workshops and presentations, along with exercises for participants, in order to transfer knowledge in the most practical and efficient way.


National Support Services, in line with financial possibilities, select eTwinners to attend events. eTwinners cannot choose themselves and attend international events without cooperation with the National Support Service of their own country.

Webinars organised by CSS, other NSS and eTwinning ambassadors

eTwinning portal offers possibility to join free online trainings and webinars organised by National Support Services, eTwinning Ambassadors, as well as eTwinners themselves. They cover a wide range of topics, such as use of the portal and themes classified by subjects or areas of interest. They are intended for those who have just started using eTwinning portal or for those who already have extensive experience in eTwinning.

Learning events

Learning Events are short intensive online events on a number of themes. Registered eTwinners receive information on learning events on eTwinning live where they can find themes and links for registration to events.

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