Erasmus+ teacher academies

UPDATE: The call for applications for the Erasmus+ Teacher Academy projects has not been opened within the General Call for 2023.

European Commission recognized the key role of teachers and educators in the process of establishing European Education Area and stressed the importance of highly competent and motivated teachers and educators who would benefit from a range of support and professional development opportunities throughout their careers. European Commission proposed a number of actions to address the challenges teachers face today, including the plan to launch Erasmus+ Teacher Academies. It is expected that development of the academies improves the interest in teaching profession and ensure high-quality initial education of teachers as well as their continuous professional development.

What are the main objectives of this action?

The overall objective of Erasmus+ Teacher Academies for improving the education of teachers is to create partnerships of teacher education and training providers. Their priorities are multilingualism and cultural diversity, development of teachers’ education in accordance with the EU policy and contribution to the achievement of the objectives of the European Education Area.

The main objectives of this action are:

  • Contribution to the improvement of teacher education policies and practices in Europe by creating networks and communities of practice on teacher education.
  • Enhancing the European dimension and internationalisation of teacher education through innovative and practical collaboration, with focus on the key priorities of the European Union such as learning in the digital world, sustainability, equity, and inclusion.
  • Development and joint testing of different models of mobility (virtual, physical, and blended) in initial teacher education.
  • Development of sustainable collaboration between teacher education providers.
Who can apply?

Any nationally recognised organisation established in an EU Member State or a third country associated to the Programme, can be the applicant. This organisation applies on behalf of all participating organisations involved in the project.

Organisations eligible to participate as full partners or associated partners are:

  • Teacher Education Institutions (colleges, academies, institutes, universities providing initial teacher education and/or continuing professional development) for teachers.
  • Ministries or similar public bodies responsible for school education policies.
  • Public (local, regional, or national) and private bodies responsible for developing policies and offer for teacher education as well as defining standards for teachers’ qualifications.
  • Teacher associations or other nationally recognised providers of teacher education and continuous professional development.
  • Authorities responsible for education and training of teachers and supervision of their continuous professional development and qualifications.
  • Schools working with teacher education providers to allow for practical training as part of teacher education.
  • Other schools (from primary schools to initial VET) or other organisations (e.g. NGOs, teacher associations) relevant for the project.

An Erasmus+ Teacher Academy must include at least 3 full partners from a minimum of 3 EU Member States and third countries associated to the Programme (including at least 2 EU Member States) involving:

  • At least two nationally recognised providers of initial teacher education from 2 different EU Member States and third countries associated to the Programme, and
  • At least one nationally recognised provider of continuing professional development (in-service training) for teachers.

Furthermore, the partnerships must also include, as full partner or associated partner, at least one practice/training school.

Where to apply and what is the duration of the project?

To the European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA). The duration of the project is 3 years.

What is the available budget per approved project?

A project can be awarded a maximum amount of 1.5 million euros. Funds allocated by the European Commission may not exceed 80% of the total project costs.

When to apply?

The call for applications for the Erasmus+ Teacher Academy projects has not been opened within the General Call for 2023.

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