Training and Cooperation Activities (TCA)

Training and Cooperation Activities (TCAs), formerly called Transnational Cooperation Activities, are international activities (seminars, training programmes, conferences, research activities, webinars, online courses, etc.) that are part of the Erasmus+ programme. The aim of TCAs is to support networking and forming partnerships between individuals and institutions and in that way to contribute to achieving the aims of the Erasmus+ programme.

The focus of the TCAs is on sharing practices, experiences, supporting competence development and providing networking opportunities for individuals all over Europe. TCAs are generally open for representatives of educational and youth institutions and organisations.

TCA activities are available to Serbian citizens starting from 2019. As the organization responsible for the implementation of the Erasmus + programme in Serbia, the Foundation Tempus:

  • organizes TCA events in Serbia and invites participants from other programme countries to participate in them;
  • sends participants from Serbia to TCA events in other programme countries organized by other organisations responsible for the implementation of the Erasmus + programme;
  • participates in TCA surveys relevant to the implementation of the Erasmus + programmes in programme countries.

All interested individuals can find information about TCAs through the official portals (SALTO YOUTH or SALTO E&T), or through the registration forms that can be found on this website. However, the Foundation Tempus cannot guarantee the sending of participants from Serbia or financial support for their participation in all  events available on SALTO platforms. Through its website and mailing lists Foundation Tempus regularly promotes TCA events to which it can send participants.  All who are interested are invited to follow the news and add their e-mail address to the Foundation Tempus’s mailing lists.

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