Not-for-profit European sport events

Within this type of project, public and private organisations active in the field of sport from Erasmus+ programme countries (including Serbia) can receive support for the organization of either one European sport event in one programme country or for European local events in several programme countries. Projects should focus on one of the following topics:

  • volunteering in sports;
  • social inclusion through sport;
  • combating discrimination in sport, including gender equality;
  • Encouraging participation in sport and physical activity, including a) implementation of EU documents: EU Council Recommendation on health-enhancing physical Activity, EU Physical activity guidelines, Tartu Call for a healthy lifestyle Physical Activity and Healthy Lifestyle b) the support to the implementation of the European Weeks of Sport c) the promotion of sport and physical activity as a tool for health d) the promotion of all activities encouraging the practice of sport and physical activity including traditional sport and games and intergenerational sport.

There are three possible categories of these projects (sport events), for which the following rules apply:

  • From a minimum of 3 organizations from 3 different programme countries to a maximum of 5 organizations from 5 different programme countries, one of which is the applicant and the others are full partners
  • at least 1 event in each of the participating countries (participants from the country)
  • project budget (lump sum): 200,000 euros
  • a minimum of 6 organizations from 6 different programme countries, one of which is the applicant and the others are full partners
  • at least 1 event in each of the participating countries (local participants)
  • project budget (lump sum): 300,000 EUR
  • a minimum of 10 organizations from 10 programme countries, one of which is the applicant and the others have the status of associate partners
  • 1 event in the country of the applicant organization, in which at least 10 organizations from 10 programme countries participate (including the applicant organization)
  • project budget (lump sum): 450,000 EUR
Who can participate and apply?

Public and private organizations active in the field of sport, such as sport federations, sport organizations and associations at local, regional and national level, national Olympic committees, organizations of the movement “Sports for all” and so on, as well as organizations in the field of education, training, youth, and other sectors, from Erasmus+ programme countries (for more information on participating countries, consult pages 32-35 of the Erasmus+ Programme Guide).

If the organization has no previous experience and/or capacity to participate in international cooperation projects, it is recommended to participate in projects of Small Partnerships in the field of sport first, and to participate in Cooperation partnerships projects first as a partner and then as an applicant (coordinator).

Whom and how to apply?

Project proposals can be submitted electronically to the European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA). The call for proposals, with project documentation and instructions, is published on the Funding & tender opportunities portal  of the European Commission.

The same consortium (the partnership composed of the same organizations) can submit only one proposal of the Cooperation partnership project in the same deadline.

To generate an electronic project application form, it is necessary to have a registered EU Login account, while to fill in the form, it is necessary that the applicant organization, as well as project partners, have a registered PIC number.

When to apply?

Project proposals can be submitted once a year. The 2021 submission deadline has been extended to 17 June 2021 at 5 pm Brussels time.

Duration of the project

These projects can last 12 or 18 months. The duration of the project is defined in the application stage. The expected start of the implementation of the projects that will be selected for financing is the beginning of 2022.

Who selects the projects and on which criteria?

The EACEA Executive Agency is responsible for the selection, contracting, financing and monitoring of these projects.

The selection includes an assessment of the fulfilment of formal requirements, and then a qualitative assessment that is performed on the basis of 4 groups of criteria defined on pages 255-256 of Erasmus+ Programme Guide:

  • Relevance
  • Quality of the project design and implementation
  • Quality of the partnership and the cooperation arrangements
  • Impact
What is the budget of the project?

The contributions for Not–for–profit European Sport Events take the form of lump sums. The amount of the fixed lump sum depends on the number of events and number of organisations involved in the project.

Applicants will choose between the 3 pre-defined amounts according to the number of events and number of organisations involved in the project: 200.000 EUR, 300.000 EUR or 450.000 EUR. 

Additional information and contact

More detailed information on this type of Erasmus + project is available in the Erasmus+ Programme Guide.

For all further inquiries regarding project proposals, you can contact colleagues in the Executive Agency by e-mail or Foundation Tempus Info centre  (on the spot, by phone or e-mail).

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