Short-term mobility projects

Short-term mobility projects for mobility for learners and staff in school education provide applicant organisations with an opportunity to organize shorter periods of professional development in an EU Member States or third countries associated to the Programme and for a limited number of participants. This type of project is available to individual organisations only and not to consortiums (several organisations applying as one).  

Who can apply? 
The following institutions can participate: 
  • Schools providing general education at pre-primary, primary or secondary level. Private schools need a verified accreditation by the Ministry of education. Individuals cannot apply for mobility projects, only the institutions can do so;
  • Organisations holding an Erasmus accreditation in school education cannot apply for short-term projects. 
Where and how to apply? 

Applications have to be submitted to the Foundation Tempus by 23 February 2023 at noon. 

What is the duration of the projects? 

Projects can last from 6 to 18 months. 

What is the maximum number of mobility participants? 

An application for a short-term project can include a maximum of 30 participants in mobility activities. 

What is the maximum number of applications? 

An organisation may apply for only one short-term project in the field of school education per selection round. 

Within a period of any five consecutive call years, organisations may receive a maximum of three grants for short-term projects in school education.  

For more information, see the Programme Guide. 

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