Erasmus accreditation in the field of youth

Accreditation in the field of youth, and projects for accredited organizations provide a possibility of multi-year financing of mobility activities. Within this framework the mobility activities contribute to the implementation of the strategic plan of the organization receiving the grant which was described and approved during the accreditation process.

During the accreditation process, the organisations present their long-term goals, activity plans, expected results and approach in implementation of high-quality activities within the Erasmus+ Key action 1.

After the successful accreditation, the organizations have the right to submit applications under the simplified procedure. They can apply once a year within a special call for accredited organisations, but, at the same time, they lose the right to submit applications under the regular KA1 call for proposals.

Applying for accreditation in the youth sector

The deadline for submitting applications for accreditation and applications for financing accredited organizations is constantly open. If organizations want to be accredited within the current year and the call for allocation of funds under the simplified procedure, they must submit an application by 31.12. the current year of the published call because budgets are determined on an annual basis.

Instructions regarding the quality standards that organizations need to meet (ERASMUS YOUTH QUALITY STANDARDS) as well as the rules of the competition (RULES OF APPLICATION) can be found at this link.

Application form can be accessed via the following link (EU login account required). The Foundation Tempus will periodically review the applications received. Potential applicants are advised to consult with the Youth Unit of the Foundation Tempus ( during the accreditation process for support.

It is important to keep in mind that the process of selection usually takes several months. Organizations that are successful, can count on being able to apply under the simplified procedure (form KA151) only after they receive accreditation. They can already apply during the first available deadline.

There is no limit to the number of organizations that can receive accreditation in the youth sector, but keep in mind that the funds allocated to accredited organizations are limited as they make one part of the overall KA1 annual funds in the field of youth.

Organizations that do not have (sufficient) experience in international cooperation projects are advised to first apply for some of the KA1 projects within the regular competition deadlines for youth exchanges, mobility of youth workers or youth participation activities (forms KA152, KA153, KA154).

Detailed funding amounts allocated for the 2024. call projects in the field of youth are now available.

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