European solidarity corps

European Solidarity Corps is a new initiative of the European Union which provides an opportunity for young people to volunteer or work on national or transnational projects beneficial for the local community and for people across Europe. The programme also has the goal to support organisations facing social and environmental challenges.

Participating countries and the status of Serbia

Currently, full participation in the European Solidarity Corps is available to all of the EU member states and Norway, Turkey, Republic of North Macedonia, Lichtenstein and Iceland. Within some parts of the ESC (Volunteering projects), third countries not associated to the Programme as countries neighbouring EU, with Serbia among them, can participate but not fully.

Possibilities for organisations and participants

Organisations from Serbia can be partners within volunteering projects and can send young people from Serbia to ESC programme countries or receive young people from those countries, for short term, and long-term volunteering activities.

Organisations from Serbia can submit an application, and receive ESC Quality label, if the fulfil quality standards. Additionally, an existing EVS accreditation is valued as an equivalent to the Quality Label.

Young people from Serbia can volunteer in ESC programme countries, and young people from ESC programme countries can volunteer in Serbia.

More information about ESC can be found  here.

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