School education

The Erasmus + programme provides the opportunity for general education institutions to send students and their employees for a period of learning and professional development to other European countries or participate in international cooperation projects.

Institutions from Serbia can have the role of coordinator, i.e. project applicant or project partner.

The following opportunities for participation in the program are available to general education institutions:
  1. KA1 Mobility projects – Under these projects, institutions can send their students and staff for shorter or longer periods of learning or training to one of the EU member states or third countries associated to the Programme or they can organize various incoming mobility activities for partner institutions. Short-term and accredited mobility projects are available for students and employees in school education institutions with the aim of increasing the quality of teaching, the European dimension in teaching and learning and contributing to the European Education Area.
  2. KA2 School Education Cooperation Partnerships enable institutions to participate in international cooperation projects, strengthen their capacities and produce innovative results. They can be different in sizes, so it is possible to participate in partnerships for cooperation or small-scale partnerships in the field of school education.
  3. Jean Monnet actions in other fields of education and training – Jean Monnet projects have beforehand been available only for higher education institutions, and now they are also available in other areas of education and training. Within this action, it is possible to decide between Jean Monnet teacher training and Jean Monnet learning EU initiatives.
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