The Erasmus+ programme supports the process of lifelong learning, educational, professional and personal development by offering opportunities to exchange knowledge and experiences with individuals from Europe and beyond, inviting participation in various activities.

KA1 Youth Exchanges – If you plan to bring together young people from two or more European countries, to deal with topics that are important to them, as well as to give young people the opportunity to carry out project activities, youth exchanges are for you.

KA1 Youth Worker Mobility – Would you like to improve the skills of your youth workers and connect with organizations working on similar topics as you? Through this type of project, you can provide youth workers with the opportunity for professional development together with colleagues from other countries.

KA1 Youth Participation Projects – Young people from your organization may be noticing different challenges in the local community and would like to do something? With these projects, you can work to connect young people with the community and decision-makers, to express views, convey opinions about challenges and work together with decision-makers to overcome challenges.

KA2 Partnerships for Youth Cooperation – If you as an organization have had experience with Key Action 2 or similar projects and want to continue working to improve services and activities for young people and youth workers, as well as improvements within the youth sector in general, with partners from different countries, Cooperation Partnerships are ideal for you.

KA2 Small partnerships in the field of youth – You have never participated in Key Action 2 projects before, and you would like to work on improving services for young people as well as to strengthen cooperation with organizations from other countries, all in accordance with your capabilities? We recommend that you consider this type of project as a first step for international cooperation.

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