General Call 2023– Round 2 Deadlines for KA1 and KA2 Project Applications

The Foundation Tempus informs the interested ogranisations and institutions about forthcoming  Round 2 deadlines for KA1 i KA2 Erasmus project applications of  the 2023 Call for project proposals.

Round 2 deadlines are open for the following KA1 types of projects until 4 October 2021 (12h CET):

  • Mobility of young people (KA152-YOU)
  • Mobility of youth workers (KA153-YOU)
  • Youth participation activities (KA154-YOU)
  • DiscoverEU inclusion actions (KA155-YOU)
  • Short-term projects for mobility of leaners and staff in adult education (KA122-ADU)

And for the following KA2 types of projects:

  • Small-scale partnerships in adult education (KA210-ADU)
  • Small-scale partnerships in school education (KA210-SCH)
  • Small-scale partnerships in vocational education and training (KA210-VET)
  • Small-scale partnerships in youth (KA210-YOU)
  • Cooperation partnerships in youth (KA220-YOU)

Please note also that the Calls are still open for until 19 October 2021 (12h CET):

  • Erasmus Accreditations in VET, school education and adult education (KA120)
  • Accreditations in the field of Youth (KA150)

The full text of the Erasmus+ Programme Guide can be found on the following webpage.

You can access the forms on the following link.

Please bear in mind that you can assess these webforms only with your EU login account.

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