Staff mobility


The Erasmus+ programme offers opportunities for staff mobility. Academic and administrative staff at higher education institutions can teach at a partner higher education institution in Europe. They can also take part in a training period abroad at a partner higher education, enterprise, company, or any other relevant workplace. Mobility has to be related to the staff’s professional development and work. To be eligible, staff must be employed at a higher education institution from a Programme country that holds Erasmus Charter for Higher Education. In addition, the sending institution needs to have an inter-institutional agreement signed (or multiple) with a partner institution abroad. 

Mobility between Programme Countries can last from two days to a maximum of sixty days. If the mobility is carried out between Programme and Partner Country, it must last from five to sixty days. More information about which countries participate in the programme can be found here.


Staff may receive an Erasmus+ grant for participating in staff mobility. Grant rates vary depending on the country and its costs of living. Academic and administrative staff can also receive funding to support travel costs.


Individual applications for Erasmus+ grants are submitted through the applicant’s higher education institution; therefore, interested candidates are advised to contact the Erasmus+ office or relevant department in their institution for more information about these opportunities. 

General information about staff mobility within the Erasmus+ programme can be found in the Erasmus+ Programme guide or on the website of the European Commission.

Academic and administrative staff interested in teaching or undertaking training in Serbia are welcome to visit the Study in Serbia webpage and learn more about Serbian higher education.

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