Student mobility


Erasmus+ offers opportunities to higher education students to study abroad at a partner organisation for three to 12 months per one cycle of study. Students can participate in study mobility at any time during their studies, except during the first year of undergraduate studies. By studying abroad, students are expected to obtain credits which are then recognised by their home institution. Students can also benefit from the Erasmus+ programme by undertaking a traineeship abroad for a period of two to 12 months. Traineeships are designed to improve professional skills and competencies. This opportunity is open to all students.

Only students registered at a university or college that holds an Erasmus Charter for Higher Education are eligible to apply for Erasmus+ mobility. The mobility can be undertaken at a partner institution located in any of the other 31 participating countries with whom the sending institution has an inter-institutional agreement signed. Some students may also be able to carry out mobility in the so-called Partner Countries.


Eligible and selected students may receive an Erasmus+ grant, which is paid by their university or college. In addition to grants, students are exempted from paying other fees, such as fees for tuition, registration, and examinations.


Applications should be submitted through the student’s higher education institution. To learn more about these opportunities and get informed about the details of the selection process, necessary documents, and other requirements for participating in Erasmus+ mobility, please contact the International Relations Office of your university or college. Additionally, helpful information is available on the website of the European Commission.


Students interested in undertaking study mobility or traineeship in Serbia are welcome to visit the Study in Serbia webpage and learn more about Serbian higher education.

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