Youth in Action projects 2007-2013

 No.Application yearReference numberProject name
 1.2007072-3.1-CS-2007-R1The rivers are joining us
 2.2007138148-3.1-RS-2007-R3Come with us in the orientexpress! european youth – common history and future
 3.2007278-3.1-CS-2007-2Once upon a time
 4.2007259-3.1-CS-2007-2Veni, vidi, vici
 5.2007022-3.1-CS-2007-R1Who will remember me?
 6.2007263-3.1-CS-2007-2Youth for sustainable development
 7.2007279-3.1-CS-2007-2Johnny on the spot
 8.2007137990-3.1-RS-2007-R3More attention, please!
 9.2007335-3.1-CS-2007-2Multimedia for youth participation
 10.2007044-3.1-CS-2007-R1Play a part
 11.2007137985-3.1-RS-2007-R3Just do it
 12.2007138022-3.1-RS-2007-R3Sustainable development and youth in action programme
 13.2007203-3.1-CS-2007-2Europe – new borders, new challenges
 14.2007137993-3.1-RS-2007-R3active youth participation. a training course for youth projects’ managers
 15.2007137987-3.1-RS-2007-R3Meet my neighbour: international training for youth in the field of inter-ethnic conflicts
 16.2007274-3.1-CS-2007-2New connections between ba-ba regions for new ideas
 17.2007276-3.1-CS-2007-2Peace messengers and intercultural dialogue
 18.2007204-3.1-CS-2007-2Bip – be intercultural person!
 19.2007138035-3.1-RS-2007-R3Drug-work@youth work
 20.2008142018Leaders in action
 21.2008142834Mediators in action
 22.2008142820Knowledge streightening work
 23.2008142678Learn and explore the Balkans outdoors
 24.2008141884Balkan/Baltic cooperation: making projects with impact
 25.2008142832Creative Dialogue
 26.2008142329WAKE UP!
 27.2008141881T-STEY – Training for Starting Trainers in European Youth work
 28.2008146096Balkan Peace Park: Environment connecting Youth across Borders
 29.2008146286Youth for awareness on sustainability
 30.2008146271Photo Communication
 31.2008146130Let’s Shine Together in Cultural and Ethnical Diversity
 32.2008146293How together?
 35.2008146224WAW! – What we are doing?!
 36.2008146156Let’s Body Talk
 37.2008146290Meet differences, find equalities
 38.2008146326Capture the Unspoken
 39.2008146384Theatre in Action; Creating, sharing & learning of theatre techniques for intercultural youth projects
 40.2008148424Let’s Be Active in Europe
 41.2008147984Art & Action
 42.2008148039Street Party
 43.2008148428Reunion 2009: Young Europeans in Southeast Europe – A common and joint project to promote active citizenship, the environment and human rights
 44.2008148374Creativity and innovation in intercultural learning: the use of experiential learning through outdoor activities
 45.2008148298Let’s get moving
 46.2008148197Inclusion & participation – Breaking the invisible walls!
 47.2008148187Intercultural Bridge Builders
 48.2008148335Organizational management for local NGOs and its impact in the promotion of active citizenship
 49.2008148295Study visit – NFE and LL – Recognition and possibilities
 50.2008148331SOSO for Youth
 51.2008148299Be Animated
 52.2008148146Me and Ecology
 53.2008148186Performance as the tool of social youth action!
 54.2008148185Youth for endangered species
 55.2009153080-3.1-RS-2009-R1Discover your identity
 56.2009153596-3.1-RS-2009-R1re:wind…go green!
 57.2009153086-3.1-RS-2009-R1Make a Choice! – Using Theatre to address bullying
 58.2009153231-3.1-RS-2009-R1Media literacy training: We can change the world by changing the way we make it visible
 59.2009153375-3.1-RS-2009-R1Facilitation Beyond Frontiers
 60.2009153628-3.1-RS-2009-R1Youth cross borders – youth meets for equality: partnership building for gender issues and human rights education in South Eastern Europe
 61.2009153664-3.1-RS-2009-R1Youth creativity: Inside out!
 62.2009153753-3.1-RS-2009-R1Training for Youth information workers
 63.2009153815-3.1-RS-2009-R1Living together, working together; short study visit on cross-border cooperation on the Balkans
 64.2009153227-3.1-RS-2009-R1Youth Exchange: Strip it! The naked truth about xenophobia drawn by young comic artists
 65.2009153629-3.1-RS-2009-R1YOUTH MEDIA COALLITIONS : bridging the eu distances
 66.2009163141Youth facing the global challenges for sustainable and peaceful future
 67.2009163893 2Youth Exchange „Who will remember me?“
 68.2009163050Enjoy the colours of my society!
 69.2009163880Quality for Quality
 70.2009162479Cross-border cooperation on youth entrepreneurship development and promotion
 71.2009163834Pba youth as main poxer of sustainable development in Europe
 72.2009163137Theatre as tool for peaceful conflict resolution in youth work
 73.2009162979Project yourself!
 74.2009163376It does matter which you methods use !!!
 75.2009162793Youth for youth
 76.2009163064Connection for Action
 77.2009163055Green TOOBE
 78.2009168105Art and multimedia: Tool for inclusion of youth and fight against poverty
 79.2009167686The Puppet Power – Inclusion through Puppet theatre
 81.2009167826Be to change
 82.2009168036The young Rangers
 83.2009168025Rural way to Europe – promoting rural youth participation
 84.2009167935Meaningful tour!
 85.2009168099Creativity ventures – Creativity as tool of personal and social development
 86.2009167779European SEEtizens
 87.2009168023Serbia Communication – Key of understanding
 88.2009168497Policy projects crossing together
 89.2010176945Photography Adventure TC about using creative photography as a method for social inclusion of youth with educational difficulties
 90.2010175037Puppets in Action
 91.2010175898NFE working for you(th)
 92.2010175486Inclusion through Music
 93.2010175541No boundaries, no exclusion
 94.2010175278What voluntarism striving for?
 95.2010176266Youth Exchange Who will remember me 4?
 96.2010175228Intercultural mobile
 97.2010175874What? Conflict? – It is a peace of cake!
 98.2010176058Let’s EVS now
 99.2010175411More attention, please! The Third Step Beyond Disability
 100.2010176976Serbia Photo Message
 101.2010176785Rural Youth Connect 2 YIA
 102.2010176542Colours of Europe – Training course on developing and improving methods, tools and techniques of intercultural learning by youth leaders
 103.2010175525Training course „Sustainable development in everyday youth NGO life.
 104. 2010176950Innovate your life : Make it Sustainable
 105.2010175499Intercultural Dialogue of Minorities
 106.2010187340Fundraising for inclusion
 107.2010187833Film It Out Loud : Video Advocacy for empowerment of youth against exclusion
 108.2010188026Choices“ – Training course on personal and professional development of unemployed young people through non – formal education according to the proposal of EVS and A3.1 of YIA programme
 109.2010188123Facilitiation in action Training course on facilitation competences of youth workers, youth leaders within international youth exchanges among SEE countries and European Union and youth work in general
 110.2010188125Training course: Sing Equality – Bring Equality
 111.2010188127Let’s perform it with socrates – training for democratic citizenship
 112.2010188134Anti – discrimination through Theatre
 113.2010188328The DeCreation of Rage – Dance and Violence Prevention in Youth Work
 114.2010188330Youth Policy and Youth Work in Transition : The Vojvodina as a multicultural challenge
 115.2010188339Young Leaders in Action – Training course for leaders of youth groups with fewer opportunities
 116.2010188488Training Course Heuristic Game.
 117.2010187536Green rights
 119.2010187625Open your eyes! You need to know! – Mobilizing the community to combat human trafficking
 120.2010192176May we have your attention, please!
 121.2010191943Active participation of unemployed young people facing economic obstacles
 122.2010192899Free media and struggle against organized crime
 123.2010193187Creating synergy effects – using resources sustainable: advocacy campaigning for the improvement of cooperation between youth NGOs and public institutions
 124.2010192032Let’s Work Together
 125.2010192841Training course „European Dream“
 126.2010192989Non Violence Communication and Conflict Resolution – Piece of Cake !
 127.2010192831Art of commYOUnication
 128.2010192035Serbia „Youth for Youth“
 129.2011515290Let’s use volunteering for social inclusion
 130.2011515570Multimedia to promote mobility of unemployed youth
 131.2011515610Understanding our legacy
 132.2011515730Youth exchange „who will remember me 5?“
 133.2011515858Easytransit – education to work transitions
 134.2011515935Media for youth work: youth journalism
 135.2011515949No boundaries, no exclusion – the next chapter
 136.2011515961Effective volunteer management in local community
 137.2011515975Combating youth unemployment
 138.2011516034T4t „youth lense“
 139.2011516065You are part of this world, be part of it’s future
 140.2011516144Employouth 2011
 141.2011516225Training course ‘voluntary service 2.0’
 142.2011520559-3.1-RS-2011-R2Gender equality – way to inclusive society
 143.2011520736-3.1-RS-2011-R2Volunteer(ing) is IN!
 145.2011520804-3.1-RS-2011-R2Green” Art for Sustainable Growth
 146.2011520805-3.1-RS-2011-R2Fighting the youth unemployment
 147.2011520869-3.1-RS-2011-R2“Eco leaders – leading to greener tomorrow”
 148.2011520917-3.1-RS-2011-R2Cycling for Mother Nature
 149.2011520918-3.1-RS-2011-R2GREEN VOLUNTEERS
 150.2011520924-3.1-RS-2011-R2Creativity in Activity
 151.2011520930-3.1-RS-2011-R2”CV: Cultural Volunteers”
 152.2011520957-3.1-RS-2011-R2No labels, please!
 153.2011520967-3.1-RS-2011-R2Connection for a CreAction
 154.2011521010-3.1-RS-2011-R2Unite Unite Europe!
 155.2011521023-3.1-RS-2011-R2Volunteers’ Centres – active youth in communities
 156.2011521047-3.1-RS-2011-R2Learn it and get a job!
 157.2011521049-3.1-RS-2011-R2UNDERTAKE! INITIATE! APPLY!
 158.2011521073-3.1-RS-2011-R2ToTrain is ToTransform the Future
 159.2011521113-3.1-RS-2011-R2Youth in nature – Youth support to Eco-village
 160.2011521234-3.1-RS-2011-R2Mentors’ Adventure in EVS Land
 161.2011521864-3.1-RS-2011-R3Small Academy for Youth Career Guider
 162.2011522058-3.1-RS-2011-R3Support and supervise volunteers for inclusion
 163.2011522030-3.1-RS-2011-R3Active youth for active future
 164.2011522067-3.1-RS-2011-R3Animate Your Soul
 166.2011521735-3.1-RS-2011-R3Stand Up For Your Rights!
 167.2011522247-3.1-RS-2011-R3Creative Democracy Exchange
 168.2011522129-3.1-RS-2011-R3How different, so much similar
 169.2011521694-3.1-RS-2011-R3Youth info chanels
 170.2011521975-3.1-RS-2011-R3F(orum)IGHT THE(atre) DISCRIMINATION!
 171.2011522139-3.1-RS-2011-R3Europeans against discrimination!
 172.2011522055-3.1-RS-2011-R3Give me 5 minutes of your time!
 173.2011521642-3.1-RS-2011-R3Youth Creating their world
 174.2011522071-3.1-RS-2011-R3Creative engagement – using city as an action tool
 175.2011521693-3.1-RS-2011-R3Inclusion of economically disadvantaged youngsters
 176.2011522105-3.1-RS-2011-R3YiA in Sharp Action
 177.2011522115-3.1-RS-2011-R3Youth photo games
 178.2011521994-3.1-RS-2011-R3Creative Youth Self Initiative
 179.2011521581-3.1-RS-2011-R3The GREEN voice of YOUTH
 180.2011521582-3.1-RS-2011-R3Know It, Show It, Share It
 181.2011522013-3.1-RS-2011-R3Volunteering raising employability skills of youth
 182.2012526932-2-RS-2012-R1Bridging Differences
 183.2012526477-3.1-RS-2012-R1Never Let Discrimination strike the same place twice
 184.2012526480-3.1-RS-2012-R1Inclusion and Sustainability through Graphic Art
 185.2012526657-3.1-RS-2012-R1Youth entrepreneurship equals youth employment
 186.2012526730-3.1-RS-2012-R1Once Upon a Time – Fairy tales without prejudice
 187.2012526788-3.1-RS-2012-R1Youth+Skills=Brighter Future
 189.2012526854-3.1-RS-2012-R1Migration-Challenges and Opportunities for Europe
 191.2012526882-3.1-RS-2012-R1TOPography of IDEAS
 192.2012526930-3.1-RS-2012-R1Include Me in Employment
 193.2012526980-3.1-RS-2012-R1Youth Caravan 2012 – Promoting youth participation
 194.2012526995-3.1-RS-2012-R1Theatre for open dialogue
 195.2012527026-3.1-RS-2012-R1Young European Entrepreneurs on Go
 197.2012526238-3.1-RS-2012-R1Better employability for minority youth
 198.2012526302-3.1-RS-2012-R1You are a human being: be aware of your rights
 199.2012526331-3.1-RS-2012-R1No boundaries, no exclusion – 3rd chapter
 200.2012526365-3.1-RS-2012-R1European Challenge
 201.2012526827-3.1-RS-2012-R1Include Yourself!
 202.2012526832-3.1-RS-2012-R1Mens sana in corpore sano
 203.2012526888-3.1-RS-2012-R1Side by side – society for all
 204.2012526917-3.1-RS-2012-R1Recycle with creativity
 205.2012526983-3.1-RS-2012-R1We are all human!
 206.2012527024-3.1-RS-2012-R1Small actions as viewpoint on the environment- SAVE
 207.2012527093-3.1-RS-01-2012-R1Volunteer into work
 208.2012526401-3.1-RS-2012-R1RECYCLED THEATRE
 209.2012533400-3.1-RS-2012-R2CV: Curriculum Voluntarius
 211.2012533557-3.1-RS-2012-R2Richness of and Acceptance in Cultural Diversity
 212.2012533563-3.1-RS-2012-R2CSI: Civil Society Incubators
 213.2012533565-3.1-RS-2012-R2Evaluating Valuable Strength
 214.2012533624-3.1-RS-2012-R2Transparent Walls
 215.2012533348-3.1-RS-2012-R2Social inclusion of deaf and hard of hearing youth
 216.2012533577-3.1-RS-2012-R2VENI, VIDI, VICI
 217.2012535257-3.1-RS–2012-R3Equal chances for all-a chance for a better future
 218.2012534717-3.1-RS–2012-R3The Elephant in the Room
 219.2012535329-3.1-RS–2012-R3Leading the Intercultural Dialogue in our projects
 220.2012534794-3.1-RS–2012-R3Beyond Clashes
 221.2012534672-3.1-RS–2012-R3Know It, Show It, Share It – Volume 2
 222.2012534626-3.1-RS–2012-R3DayCul – Act Daily, Think Interculturally
 223.2012535356-3.1-RS–2012-R3Violance, Let It Be Past
 224.2012535325-3.1-RS–2012-R3Strengthening Youth NGOs through IC exchange
 225.2012535547-3.1-RS–2012-R3Employment instead of Discrimination
 226.2012535401-3.1-RS–2012-R3Intercultural acceptance through sports for all
 227.2012534906-3.1-RS–2012-R3Building Bridges from the Margins
 228.2012535184-3.1-RS–2012-R3Do ENTERprise!
 229.2012534982-3.1-RS–2012-R3Path for better future
 230.2012534725-3.1-RS–2012-R3Minorities of Future
 231.2012534932-3.1-RS–2012-R3Art as a tool for social inclusion of youth
 232.2012534985-3.1-RS–2012-R3Hey rocks and stones, I provoke you all to break
 233.2012534811-3.1-RS–2012-R3Design Your Job
 234.2012534968-3.1-RS–2012-R3Creative power of Youth
 235.2012535242-3.1-RS–2012-R3Stop Illegal Migration and Human Trafficking!
 236.2012535115-3.1-RS–2012-R3Permaculture – the culture of nature
 237.2012535399-3.1-RS–2012-R3Go Green, Guys !
 238.2012535046-3.1-RS–2012-R3Catch the Moment 2013
 239.2012535332-3.1-RS–2012-R3We’re here, give us a chance, include us
 241.2012535001-3.1-RS–2012-R3Capturing Worthy in Nature’s Beauty
 243.2013538505-3.1-RS–2013-R1Campaining for youth activisation
 244.2013538859-3.1-RS–2013-R1Cultural Values
 245.2013538896-3.1-RS–2013-R1Synergy – Work Locally!
 246.2013539088-3.1-RS–2013-R1Rural Youth for ECO Sustain-ability
 247.2013540768-3.1-RS–2013-R1VIRTUAL INTERCULTURALITY
 248.2013541124-3.1-RS–2013-R1I Am Roma So What?
 249.2013541150-3.1-RS–2013-R1InclusiOFF- Turn it ON
 250.2013541035-3.1-RS–2013-R1TO Empower through Experience
 251.2013541162-3.1-RS–2013-R1Remote Youth Voices
 252.2013541199-3.1-RS–2013-R1TQM IN IYE: Empowering SEE cooperation
 253.2013541289-3.1-RS–2013-R1It’s about Europe, It’s about You!
 254.2013541479-3.1-RS–2013-R1Making Sense in Making Cents
 255.2013541134-3.1-RS–2013-R1Youth in healthy action!
 256.2013539603-3.1-RS–2013-R1We are Equal Everywhere
 257.2013541132-3.1-RS–2013-R1ALEA IACTA EST
 258.2013541226-3.1-RS–2013-R1Future leaders of Europe
 259.2013539044-3.1-RS–2013-R1EMPLOYED IS COOL – EPIC
 260.2013547805-3.1-RS–2013-R2No Man is an Island
 261.201346880-3.1-RS–2013-R2Skilled Entrepreneurship for Sustainability
 262.2013547126-3.1-RS–2013-R2CREATE ENTERPRENEUR YOU(TH)
 263.2013546832-3.1-RS–2013-R2Colours of Culture
 264.2013547199-3.1-RS–2013-R2Fortes fortuna adiuvat
 265.201346860-3.1-RS–2013-R2Pathway to Growth
 266.2013546523-3.1-RS–2013-R2One Image, One Message
 268.2013547197-3.1-RS–2013-R2Moving Values in Europe
 269.201347847-3.1-RS–2013-R2Volunteering 4 Peace
 270.2013546419-3.1-RS–2013-R2EMPLOYMENT OUT OF BOX
 271.2013546684-3.1-RS–2013-R2European young rural entrepreneurs
 272.2013546874-3.1-RS–2013-R2Our local community is European citizen
 273.2013547161-3.1-RS–2013-R2Raise up, call for your right-you have the might
 274.2013547269-3.1-RS–2013-R2Youth Sports Workers in action
 275.2013547241-3.1-RS–2013-R2Perseptions of Europe
 276.2013546426-3.1-RS–2013-R2MOV(I)E IT!
 277.201346952-3.1-RS–2013-R2Activate and empower!
 278.2013546914-3.1-RS–2013-R2TC The change element
 279.2013547224-3.1-RS–2013-R2EU and European citizenship and youth work
 280.2013547271-3.1-RS–2013-R2The Agenda of Initiatives
 281.2013546711-3.1-RS–2013-R2PERFORM YOUR IDENTITY
 282.201347398-3.1-RS–2013-R2Inclusive rights for social genders
 283.2013547632-3.1-RS–2013-R2Start it
 284.2013547160-3.1-RS–2013-R2Practicing Citizenship – Making a Change
 285.2013546558-3.1-RS–2013-R2Trash 4 Cash
 286.2013547196-3.1-RS–2013-R2My Decision – Europe is ON!
 287.2013547201-3.1-RS–2013-R2Film for inclusion
 288.2013546880-3.1-RS–2013-R2Euroyouth in sports
 289.2013549310-3.1-RS–2013-R3Increasing Inclusion and Diversity in communities
 290.2013549328-3.1-RS–2013-R3Promoting European Active Citizenship in Europe
 291.201349361-3.1-RS–2013-R3Connected by colors of equality
 292.2013549411-3.1-RS–2013-R3Pathway to Growth
 293.2013549549-3.1-RS–2013-R3SupPORT THE ENVIRONMENT!
 294.2013549814-3.1-RS–2013-R3Theatre for Roma Inclusion
 295.2013549839-3.1-RS–2013-R3Youth cultural activism and intercultural dialogue
 296.2013549899-3.1-RS–2013-R3Be healthy, feel wealthy
 297.2013549980-3.1-RS–2013-R3Level Up Your Video Game
 298.2013550019-3.1-RS–2013-R3“Active youth – powerfull youth”
 299.2013550035-3.1-RS–2013-R3Youth participation: more than a catchword
 300.2013550063-3.1-RS–2013-R3Peer Coaching – Peer Support
 301.2013550089-3.1-RS–2013-R3Migrations in your hands
 302.2013550096-3.1-RS–2013-R3Europe – place for all youth!
 303.2013550140-3.1-RS–2013-R3In healthy body, healthy mind
 304.2013550174-3.1-RS–2013-R3Novi Sad EVSing to Employment
 305.2013550301-3.1-RS–2013-R3URBAN HACKERS: making ideas work
 306.2013549161-3.1-RS–2013-R3Creative youth = Active youth
 307.2013549282-3.1-RS–2013-R3Keep Europe Clean, Go Green!
 308.2013549373-3.1-RS–2013-R3Deal with past – Deal for future
 309.2013549536-3.1-RS–2013-R3Elements of Earth
 310.2013549800-3.1-RS–2013-R3EU spring school 2014
 311.2013549845-3.1-RS–2013-R3Advancing Reconciliation and Tolerance of Youth
 312.2013549918-3.1-RS–2013-R3BORN IN THE UNITED STATES OF EUROPE
 313.2013549978-3.1-RS–2013-R3Border grinding machine – Build together!
 314.2013550082-3.1-RS–2013-R3Grocka Nature in collage
 315.2013550088-3.1-RS–2013-R3From unemployment to employment
 316.2013550182-3.1-RS–2013-R3Youth entrepreneurship without borders
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