Participation of Serbia in Tempus projects

Participation of Serbia in Tempus projects
 No.Application yearReference numberProject title
12001JEP – 16051 – 2001Rebuilding of University International Offices
22001JEP – 16059 – 2001Building Cooperative Academic Library Network in Serbia
32001JEP – 16061 – 2001A European Space of Justice
42001JEP – 16067 – 2001Teaching Business Information Systems
52001JEP – 16071 – 2001Curriculum Development in Forestry Sciences
62001JEP – 16072 – 2001Information and Communication Technologies in Health Care
72001JEP – 16079 – 2001Institutional Evaluation at the Agricultural Universities
82001JEP – 16081 – 2001Improvement of Teaching Quality in South East Europe
92001JEP – 16090 – 2001University Science Park – Organizational Framework
102001JEP – 16098 – 2001Building of Network for further Development of Small and Medium Enterprises in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Yugoslavia
112001JEP – 16114 – 2001Web Based Interuniversity Library Network
122001JEP – 16123 – 2001Modernisation of Physics Teching at the University of Belgrade
132001JEP – 16129 – 2001University Management Reform in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (FRY)
142001JEP – 16131 – 2001Understanding the Visual Culture of the Balkans
152001JEP – 16156 – 2001Computer Science Curricula Founding and Upgrading
162001JEP – 16160 – 2001Innovation of Computer Science Curriculum in Higher Education
172002JEP – 17008 – 2002European Studies Curriculum Development at the University of Nis
182002JEP – 17017 – 2002Mathematics Curricula for Technological Development
192002JEP – 17019 – 2002Introduction and development of a new study profile “Transport  flows and logistics” at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Nis
202002JEP – 17038 – 2002Development of Higher Architectural Education in  Serbia  – Curriculum Reforms at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade
212002JEP – 17027 – 2002Upgrading Undergraduate Business Studies in FRY
222002JEP – 17028 – 2002Electronic Engineering Curriculum Restructuring
232002JEP – 17040 – 2002Implementing Quality Assurance in Serbian Universities
242002JEP – 17065 – 2002Post graduate programme on food quality and safety (Master en qualité et sécurité alimentaire)
252002JEP – 17119 – 2002Education Network Based on Information Technology
262002JEP – 17121 – 2002Advance regional cooperation in South-Eastern Europe: development of postgraduate curriculum for hospitality and tourism studies
272003JEP – 18009 – 2003Strategy for European Integration of CARDS Universities
282003JEP – 18031 – 2003Serbia Reform of FVMB (Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Belgrade) according to the EU Directive 78/1027/EEC
292003JEP – 18035 – 2003Joint M.Sc. curriculum in SE (Software Engineering)
302003JEP – 18069 – 2003Reform of Agricultural Higher Education in SCG
312003JEP – 18077 – 2003Towards an Integrated University via Internal Agreement
322003JEP – 18086 – 2003Assisting Democracy. Restructuring Postgraduate Programmes in Art and Media
332003JEP – 18105 – 2003Revision of Electrical Engineering Curricula based on New Technologies and Bologna Recommendations
342003JEP – 18107 – 2003Restructuring Teaching at Serbian Medical Faculties
352003JEP – 18114 – 2003Restructuring of Mechanical Engineering Studies
362003JEP – 18126 – 2003Cost Effective and Enviromentally Friendly Energy Systems
372004JEP – 19014 – 2004Post-graduate Studies for European Integration
382004JEP – 19020 – 2004European Union Enviromental Management Courses
392004JEP – 19027 – 2004Balkan Agri-Sector Initiative for Capacity Building
402004JEP – 19040 – 2004Magistratura bilingue de Macroeconomie avec double diplomation en Serbie
412004JEP – 19046 – 2004Restructuring of Postgraduate Studies and Training in Medicine in Serbia
422004JEP – 19087 – 2004Reorganization of Economics Studies in Serbia
432004JEP – 19099 – 2004Revised and Updated Courses in Natural Sciences at University of Montenegro
442004JEP – 19106 – 2004Landscape Education for a New Neighbourhood of Europe
452004C016A04 – February 2004On the Road to European Higher Education Area – Implementing ECTS in South Eastern Europe
462004C017A04 – February 2004Innovations of Methods of Student Knowledge Verification
472004C019A04 – February 2004Re-forming Architectural Education in the CARDS Countries
482004C003B04 – October 2004Tuning Educational Structures in Europe – Phase III:  Validation, Dissemination and Further Development
492004C006B04 – October 2004Good Practice Guidelines and Legislation Reform on Studies in Built Environment Engineering
502004C009B04 – October 2004Implementation of ECTS at the universities in Serbia
512004C016Z04-Bologna CallEstablishment of National Teams of Bologna Promoters for Serbia
522004C01Z04-Bologna CallFormation équipes nationales promotrices de Bologne en pays CARDS
532005JEP – 40017 – 2005Introduction of a new study programme in Applied Electronics
542005JEP – 40053 – 2005Science Teacher Education Revision and Upgrading
552005JEP – 40057 – 2005Postgraduate Studies in Public Health Sciences
562005JEP – 40067 – 2005Higher Education in Agribusiness Management and Economics in Serbia
572005JEP – 40069 – 2005Multidisciplinary Studies of Design in Mechanical Engineering
582005JEP – 40071 – 2005Lowland Agricultural Water Management (LOLAqua) internationally oriented MSc course
592005JEP – 40091 – 2005Integration et Reorganisation du Systeme D’information
602005JEP – 40094 – 2005Higher Education Reform of Biological Sciences (H.E.R.B.S.)
612005JEP – 40104 – 2005Engineering Business Management and Services Science Master Module
622005JEP – 40109 – 2005Learning for Europe – Curriculum development and counseling in education
632005C006A05 – February 2005Construction Of Pilot Devices For Advanced River Water Quality Monitoring Station
642005C013A05 – February 2005Restructuring and introduction of mechatronics at universities in Serbia
652005C015A05 – February 2005Pilot Implementation of the European Credit Transfer System
662005C029A05 – February 2005University Strategy for the Implementation of the Bologna Process in Serbia
672005C007B05 – October 2005Structuring and Complementing Continuous Education in Medical Informatics
682006JEP – 41071 – 2006Improvement and Restructuring of the Psychology Curriculum according to the Bologna Declaration
692006JEP – 41077 – 2006Joint Master for South – East Europe in Economics and Management Science Program
702006JEP – 41085 – 2006Joint Advanced Doctoral Degree in Energy Systems
712006JEP – 41107 – 2006System on chip design
722006JEP – 41143 – 2006Support Network for Improvement of the Strategic Planning
732006JEP – 41154 – 2006South East Europe Continuing Education Network
742006JEP – 41171 – 2006Palliative and Pain Medicine Project
752006JEP – 52008 – 2006Child Rights Education Development- Moldova and Serbia
762006JEP – 41016 – 2006M.Sc. Curriculum in E-Learning
772006JEP – 41029 – 2006Interdisciplinary Engineering Education Establishment
782006JEP – 41034 – 2006Business University Of the New Age in Serbia: the BBA
792006JEP – 41037 – 2006Master Programme in Land Law and Economy
802006JEP – 41045 – 2006Training for Occupational Safety and Health Improvement
812006JEP – 41074 – 2006Curriculum Reform in Teacher Education
822006JEP – 41092 – 2006Ecological Training Courses for Capacity Building of Local Communities in Serbia
832006JEP – 41099 – 2006Doctoral School towards European Knowledge Society
842006JEP – 41101 – 2006ECDL for Serbian Administration
852006JEP – 41103 – 2006Master of Science- International Business Development
862006JEP – 41110 – 2006Teacher Education – Innovation of Studies in Mathematics and IT
872006JEP – 41112 – 2006Development of Master Study Programmes in Telecommunications and Control
882006JEP – 41116 – 2006Formation bilingue en économie, avec double diplomation à  Belgrade (ECOSERBE)
892006JEP – 41119 – 2006Development of Teaching Education at the University of Novi Pazar
902006JEP – 41120 – 2006Education and Training of Institutions in Quality Management and Metrology
912006JEP – 41131 – 2006Building Bioethics Master Programme in Serbia
922006JEP – 41146 – 2006Rationalization of the postgraduate studies in Business Management and Economics in Serbia
932006JEP – 41148 – 2006Continuous Education for Informatics Teachers in Elementary and Secondary Schools in Serbia
942006JEP – 41156 – 2006Training of Institutions in Modern Environmental Approaches and Technologies
952006C015A06 – February 2006Establishing Central University Services
962006C020A06 – February 2006Implementation of Students’ Parliament in Serbia and Montenegro
972006C037A06 – February 2006International Relations’ Policy for Regional Integration Promotion
982006C024B06 – October 2006Network education at Faculties of Science in Serbia
992006C026B06 – October 2006European Expert Training for Accession 2
1002006C028B06 – October 2006TUNING IV: Curricular Reform Taking Place. Learning Outcomes and Competences in Higher Education
1012006C032B06 – October 2006West Balkan Bologna Promoters Network
1022006C035B06 – October 2006Recognition of Architectural Degrees in CARDS Countries based on Competences and Learning Outcomes
1032006C037B06 – October 2006Improvement and Development of the Ecological Attitude in Serbia
1042008JP 144537-2008Curricula Reformation and Harmonisation in the field of Biomedical Engineering
1052008JP 144582-2008Regional Joint Degree Master of Intellectual Property Law
1062008JP 144650-2008Video Conferencing Educational Services
1072008JP 144584-2008Introduction and Implementation of Academic Program in Community Youth Work (CYW) Through Enhancing Inter-regional Cooperation in the Countries of Western Balkans
1082008JP 144596-2008Higher Education Learning Partnerships
1092008JP 144889-2008Development of Public Administration and Management Studies in Serbia
1102008JP 144703-2008SEE Doctoral Studies in Mathematical Sciences
1112008JP 144856-2008International Accreditation of Engineering Studies
1122008JP 144684-2008WBC Virtual Manufacturing Network – Fostering an Integration of the Knowledge Triangle
1132008JP 144878-2008Identification and Support in Higher Education for Dyslexic Students (ISHEDS)
1142008JP 144949-2008Example of excellence for Joint (Degree) Programme Development in South-Eastern Europe
1152008JP 144959-2008Master Studies and Continuing Education Network for Product Lifecycle Management with Sustainable Production
1162008JP 145008-2008Modernisation and Reconstruction of University Management and Structure
1172008JP 145010-2008Development of Lifelong Learning Framework in Serbia
1182008SM 145129-2008Matching competences in higher education and economy: From competence catalogue to strategy and curriculum development
1192008SM 145677-2008Internal Quality Assurance at Serbian Universities
1202008145009-2008Conversion Courses for Unemployed University  Graduates in Serbia
1212009JP 158714 – 2009Academia – Industry Links in Food Safety and Quality
1222009JP 158764 – 2009New Library Services at Western Balkan Universities
1232009JP 158777 – 2009Western Balkan Rural Extension Network through Curriculum Reform
1242009JP 158781 – 2009Occupational safety and health – degree curricula and lifelong learning
1252009JP 158875 – 2009International joint Master degree in Plant Medicine
1262009JP 158881 – 2009National Platform for Knowledge Triangle in Serbia
1272009JP 158885 – 2009Master d’études européennes à double diplomation en Serbie
1282009JP 158897 – 2009Postgraduate Qualification in Pharmacy: The Way Forward
1292009JP 158926 – 2009Governance and Management Reform in Higher Education in Serbia
1302009JP 158989 – 2009Creation of university-enterprise cooperation networks for education on sustainable technologies
1312009SM 158999 – 2009Strenghtening Quality Assurance System within Western Balkans HEIs in Support of National and Regional Planning
1322009JP 159048 – 2009Modernising Teacher Education in a European Perspective
1332009JP 159074 – 2009Education Policy Study Programme in Serbia and Montenegro
1342010JP 510985-2010Improvement of Students’ Internship in Serbia
1352010JP 511001-2010Development of Environment and Resources Engineering Learning
1362010JP 511044-2010Modernisation of Post-Graduate Studies in Chemistry and Chemistry Related Programmes
1372010JP 511084-2010Production and Profitability improvement in Serbia Enterprises  by adopting Lean Thinking Philosophy and strengthening Enterprise – Academia connections
1382010JP 511116-2010South East Europe Project for the Advancement of Language Studies
1392010SM 511126-2010Enhancing the quality of distance learning at Western Balkan higher education institutions
1402010JP 511140-2010Master programme in applied statistics
1412010JP 511170-2010Master programme for Subject Teachers in Serbia
1422010JP 511224-2010Developing and setting up measures for initiating, enhancing and sustaining Higher Education-Society Cooperation
1432010SM 511332-2010Strengthening Student Role in Governance and Management at the Universities of Serbia in line with the Bologna Process
1442010SM 511355-2010Building Capacity for Structural Reform in Higher Education of Western Balkan Countries
1452010JP 511366-2010Reforming Foreign Language Studies in Serbia
1462011JP 516729-2011Development and Improvement of Automotive and Urban Engineering Studies in Serbia
1472011JP 516762-2011Harmonization and Modernization of the Curriculum for Primary Teacher Education
1482011SM 516851-2011Equal Access for All: Strenghtening the Social Dimension for a Stronger European Higher Education Area
1492011JP 516964-2011Education of Teachers in the field of Ecological Food Production and Management
1502011JP 517022-2011Innovation and Implementation of the Curriculum Vocational Studies in the Field of Digital Television and Multimedia
1512011JP 517097-2011Quality in Research
1522011JP 517098-2011Introducing Interdisciplinarity in Music Studies in Western Balkans in line with European Perspective
1532011SM 517119-2011Development of Career Guidance Aimed at Improving Higher Education in Serbia
1542011JP 517153-2011Conducting Graduate Surveys and Improving Alumni Services for Enhanced Strategic Management and Quality Improvement
1552011SM 517200-2011Establishing and Capacity Building of the Southern Serbian Academy and the National Conference for Vocational Higher Education
1562011JP 517319-2011Developing Human Rights Education at the Heart of Higher Education
1572012530213-2012Modernization of WBC universities through strengthening of structures and services for knowledge transfer, research and innovation
1582012530155-2012Incoming Interdisciplinary Curricula in Computing to Meet Labor Market Needs
1592012530184-2012Reshaping of Agricultural Vocational Studies in the Western Balkans
1602012530194-2012Energy efficiency, renewable energy sources and environmental impacts-master study
1612012530577-2012Improvement of product development studies in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina
1622012530394-2012Visuality & Mathematics: Experiential Education of Mathematics through Visual Arts, Sciences and Playful Activities
1632012530423-2012Studies in Bioengineering and Medical Informatics
1642012530510-2012Assisting humans with special needs: curriculum for HUman-TOol interaction Network
1652012530530-2012Training courses for public services in sustainable infrastructure development in Western Balkans
1662012530550-2012Towards Sustainable and Equitable Financing of Higher Education in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia
1672012530554-2012Network for education and training for public environmental laboratories
1682012530730-2012Development of Policy-Oriented Training Programmes in the Context of the European Integration
1692012530810-2012Development and implementation of courses for theatre technicians and stage managers
1702013543848-2013Master in Educational Leadership
1712013544543-2013Modernization and harmonization of Tourism study programs in Serbia
1722013543667-2013Building Network of Remote Labs for strengthening university-secondary vocational schools collaboration
1732013544093-2013Restructuring of doctoral studies in Serbia
1742013544246-2013Strengthening Higher Education for Social Policy making and Social Services delivery
1752013544108-2013Development of higher education and society by creating a collaborative environment in the field of arts and media through regional student partnership in production of audio/video content
1762013543662-2013Improvement of partnership with enterprises by enhancement of a regional quality management potencials in WBC
1772013543898-2013Development of Sustainable Interrelations between Education, Research and Innovation at WBC Universities in Nanotechnologies and Advanced Materials where Innovation Means Business
1782013544362-2013Sport Professions – Education, Employment, Development in the Balkan Region
1792013544364-2013International Joint Master programme on Material and Energy Flows management
1802013544482-2013Blending academic and entrepreneurial knowledge in technology enhanced learning
1812013544072-2013Building capacity of Serbian Agricultural Education to link with Society
1822013544270-2013Serbia: Striving towards Excellence in Veterinary Education
1832013544006-2013Fostering University Support Services and Procedures for Full Participation in the European Higher Education Area
1842013544538-2013Strengthening of Internationalisation Policies at Universities in Serbia
1852013544373-2013Fostering students’ entrepreneurship and open innovation in university-industry collaboration
1862013544278-2013Mastering innovation in Serbia through development and implementation of interdisciplinary post-graduate curricula in innovation management
1872013544141-2013Harmonization of Preschool Teacher Education Curricula in Serbia
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