Euroguidance network collects and publishes information on the results of projects, innovative methods and examples of good practice in the field of lifelong career guidance. It enables the exchange of information on education systems in Europe, opportunities for international mobility, as well as European initiatives and programmes in the areas of education, career guidance and mobility.

In 2013, the Tempus Foundation became the host of the National Euroguidance Centre of the European Network to Support Guidance and Counselling. At the time, the network was a part of the Lifelong Learning Programme, and from 2014 it is a part of the Erasmus+ programme. Euroguidance centres exist in thirty-four European countries.

In cooperation with other national centres, the Euroguidance Centre in Serbia supports networking of career practitioners and advisors in the field of career guidance and counselling, by organising seminars, training programmes and study visits at national and international level.

It promotes cooperation among all stakeholders in the field of career guidance and counselling at the national level. In addition, the Euroguidance Centre emphasises the particular importance of promoting the development of the European dimension in the national systems of career guidance and counselling through close cooperation with other relevant European networks, such was the European Lifelong Guidance Policy Network (ELGPN) and now is CareersNet.

One of the important tasks of the Euroguidance network is to publish the content and update the Database of Learning Opportunities and Qualification in Europe, where it updates information on education systems in Europe, costs of living, housing during the studies, scholarships and other useful information related to mobility and exchange programmes, available scholarships, etc.

The primary target group of the Euroguidance centre are practitioners in the field of career guidance and counselling, including career advisors, policymakers at the national and local level, educators and psychologists, teachers and educational institutions that implement programmes of career guidance and counselling.

Services of the Euroguidance Centre can also be used by all interested students, pupils, teachers, as well as employed or unemployed persons. In this way, through information provided by Euroguidance network, they can find education or training programmes in Europe, useful information about career guidance and counselling services within the country and education systems in other European countries.

More information about the Euroguidance centre can be found at

Activities of the National Euroguidance Centre

National competition for best practices in career guidance and counselling

Since 2016, Euroguidance centre in Serbia organizes National competition for best practices in career guidance and counselling. This is an initiative established by Euroguidance centres in Czech Republic and Slovakia, which has been organized by other countries members of the Euroguidance network, such as Hungary. The call for the Awards is usually opened in spring/summer and the awarding ceremony is usually held in autumn.

National Euroguidance conference “Career Guidance and Counselling in the Republic of Serbia”

Each year Euroguidance centre organizes National conference in Belgrade.
The conference is an opportunity to present current practice and future innovations in Serbia and Europe in the field of career guidance and counselling.

Seminars for practitioners

Euroguidance centre in Serbia organizes seminars about career guidance for teachers and counsellors from primary and secondary schools in Serbia. Currently, the centre organizes 5 accredited live and online seminars.

Online course for practitioners

In order to allow all practitioners to obtain relevant professional development in the field of guidance regardless of their geographic location, the EG centre has developed a free online course for all teachers from secondary schools in Serbia.

Other activities and published materials

  • Guidebook for secondary school teachers “Career Guidance and Counselling”
  • Participation in study visits and international conferences
  • Webinars and live workshops for primary, secondary and university students
  • Annual bulletin “Career and Mobility”
  • Presentation of possibilities for cooperation in higher education at international Education Fairs
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